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Let’s Git Gud | Overwatch Scrim Gameplay – Guide & Tips

https://www.youtube.com/embed/6HOHSYT6imM Okay today we are playing a game on King's Row and it's a very unusual game because it...

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds – How to Play [PUBG GUIDE]

https://www.youtube.com/embed/QpIRuznOPLU Get free in-game loot in with Twitch Prime - https://twitch.amazon.com/prime/ In Player Unknowns Battlegrounds 100 players enter, but...

10 New Galarian Forms I Want in the DLC – Pokemon Sword & Shield

https://www.youtube.com/embed/G_9rPE3SxKA - Greetings Pokefans! Michael here, and the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass has already been confirmed to...

My Thoughts on *ALL* New Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield

https://www.youtube.com/embed/CbxIEM6rtkw - Greetings, Pokefans! Michael here and since I've started shiny hunting in Pokemon Sword and Shield over on...

What Are The *RAREST* Pokemon in Sword & Shield?

https://www.youtube.com/embed/jz7iBWAU84c - Greetings, Pokefans! Michael here, and a few months ago, I made a video talking about what the...

*NEW* Pokemon Tier List – Pokemon Sword & Shield

https://www.youtube.com/embed/WJ8ixpj8xIk - Greetings, Pokéfans! Michael here, and welcome to the newest installment of my Pokémon tier list series where...

Easiest Shiny Pokemon in Every Game

https://www.youtube.com/embed/KIXr3vMzKiI Greetings Pokefans Michael here and the recent event in Pokmon Sword and Shield, where Magikarp Raids were spawning...

ULTIMATE Destiny 2 Beginners Guide – Power Level, Loot, Tips & Tricks

https://www.youtube.com/embed/g3mbi7u0UUs If you’re getting started in Destiny for the first time or perhaps returning to the series after a...

Apex Legends: Beginner’s Guide | What to know before you start playing

https://www.youtube.com/embed/g-4Ixm2zBxg Apex Legends dropped outta nowhere to become the hottest Overwatch-flavored battle royale on the block. Here are some...

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