Rappelz Witch Quest Guide

Rappelz Witch Quest Guide by silverhyu 1.Quest: Meeting the Oracle Talk to Guild Official Resha in Rondo. Select the following in order of the converstaion:...

Rappelz Frequently Asked Questions

Rappelz Frequently Asked Questions by coleam 1. When I try to patch, it always says “timeout”. What do I do?Try temporarily disabling your firewall and...

Rappelz Beginner’s Guide

Rappelz Beginner’s Guide by coleam Okay, so now you’re around level 13-15, you’ve left the trainee island and you’re ready to explore. What do you...

Rappelz Comprehensive Newbie Guide

Rappelz Comprehensive Newbie Guide by dashrandom Contenta) Game related queriesi. Controlsii. Classes and Skillsiii. Upgrading and Enchantingiv. Skill Cardsv. Locations and Placesvi. Questsvii. Creaturesviii....

Rappelz Player Class Guide

Rappelz Player Class Guide by koki1 I made this little thing mostly for new players who wants to know more the classes. Maybe it will...

Rappelz Pets Guide

Rappelz Pets Guide by cammy537 aka ZooZoo Overview I. Introduction II. Pet Basicsa. What is a pet card?b. Where can I get a pet card?c. How do...

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