No Man’s Sky – How to Make Money Fast | Best Method for Earning Credits


G’day guys, welcome back to Another Gamer. I am sure many of you have been trying to make as much money as possible in No Man’s Sky. Whether it’s to buy a new starship or upgrade your gear, i am going to show you my favourite method for doing this. I like to target rare mineral deposits such as gold and I prefer these over the crystallized deposits because they are much easier to find and you can get a much larger quantity of resources from each charge of your multi-tool. This makes it a much faster process and you will be putting more resources in your inventory quicker. Once you have a large amount of resources in your exosuit inventory, you want to then transfer these to your Starship’s inventory where you can create quantity stacks of 500. This will allow you to take much much larger amount of resources back to the space station to sell. Once you are back at a space station, go to a Galactic Trade Platform to sell all the resources you mined. Change to your Starship’s inventory and then sell all your resources, this is a great way to make money in No Man’s Sky.

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