MicroVolts Weapon Swapping Guide

MicroVolts Weapon Swapping Guide by Bacon Alright, the first thing I’d like to say is that Weapon Swapping is not cheating and is not a...

MicroVolts Wavestepping Guide

MicroVolts Wavestepping Guide by L33T Description:The “Wavestep” can be described as the action of manipulating the Melee double jump to perform two airborne shots. Why...

MicroVolts Movement Guide

MicroVolts Movement Guide by iHate First off, I didn’t write this guide. This guide was written by Love in CB Phase and I translated it....

MicroVolts Zombie Land Guide

MicroVolts Zombie Land Guide by ike_marluxia ey chuck! u always died in zombie mode? D:<these to the chucking to die? :3well i have the solution...

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