Metin2 Horse Guide

Metin2 Horse Guide by Nephire

For every mission you need a Horse Medal Horse Medal , if you fail you will only loose it in missions 1, 11 and 21.
There are 3 types of horse :
Armed Horse
Military horse
Pony , Armed and Military horses , their color (guildless,guild member , guild leader)
Pony (you have to be level 25 or higher to have it)

Level 1-10
You can only use this one to move faster
You have to pay 100k before you can get him
He only eats Hay
If your horse dies you need to buy one Sujin Dungeon Herb or to kill the Rock monkey on SujinDen(on the second village of your kingdom)Sujin Dungeon Herb (on the second village of your kingdom)

Armed ( you must have lvl 35+ to make it )

Level 11-20
You can use this one to move faster and attack (pretty cool for breaking metins)
After the mission 11 you have to pay 500k to have it
He only eats Carrot.
If your horse dies you need to buy or kill Rock Monkey from Honobo dungeon to get a Honobo dungeon Herb

Millitary ( you must be lvl 50+ to make it )

Level 21
In this one you can move faster, attack and make some skills
After the mission 21 you have to pay 1kk to have it
He only eats red ginseng
If your horse dies you need to buy or kill the Rock Monkey in Joklor dungeon to get a Joklor dungeon herb

Horse status

Dead x_X
You can also improve the chance of calling your horse by using Horse Summon Book

Mission level 1 – Kill 20 wild archers in 30 min.

Missions level 2-6 – Walk around the map following the checkpoints (1 or 2) in the first map.

Missions level 7-10 – Walk around the map which you are teleported and follow the checkpoints (5) marked on the map

Mission 11 – Kill 50 scorpion archer or snake archers in 30 min (you may do this one in group but you have to be the leader).

Scorpion Archers
Snake Archers

Mission 12

5 Black Wind Bos

Mission 13

5 Black Wind Choungs

Mission 14

10 Elite Orc Generals

Mission 15

10 Black Orcs

Mission 16

10 Esoteric Tormentor

Mission 17

10 Claw spiders (v1)

Mission 18

20 Desert OWTlaws

Mission 19

10 Ice Golems

Mission 20

20 Fightning Tiger

Mission 21

150 demon archers (first floor of dt)

If you have a pony you will call your horse with a Horse sword
If you have Armed Horse you will call your horse with a Armed Horse Painting
If you have Military horse you will call your horse with a Military Horse Painting

Good luck =)!

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