Metin2 Dungeons Maps

Metin2 Dungeons Maps by DorsV

In the italian metin2 forum we have a guide for that… it’s made from info found on the german metin2 wiki.
Here’s the link of the guide:

Now, I’ll try to translate a bit for english-speakers (with my possibilities.. :P)
In all the pictures, the “ENTRATA” saying means that that one is the entrance.

Sujin den

Route to the boss monkeyRoute to the Stone

Honobo den

The first Stone is near number “3” on the map. At the last cross, go straight on for the boss, or turn right for the second Stone.

Joklor den
Can anyone translate this map indication from german to english, please?

Oh… i hope the names of the dungeons are in the right order xD

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