Heroes & Generals FAQ

Heroes & Generals FAQ by S0LDieRExplanation of how the Campaign map and the Action Battles are tied inHeroes & Generals (H&G) is divided between a Campaign...

Heroes & Generals Axis Infantry Guide

Heroes & Generals Axis Infantry Guide by eldar0109So I’ve been playing Heroes & Generals and I’ve found out that people complain about the Allies being “overpowered” because of their M1 Garand....

Heroes & Generals Axis Strategy Guide

Heroes & Generals Axis Strategy Guide by ReichshieldAxis manual in utilizing there equipment and tactics.I’m making a guide about the troops and there equipment and...

Heroes & Generals Tanks and Infantry Cooperation Guide

Heroes & Generals Tanks and Infantry Cooperation Guide by swordoflightLet me state right off the bat that I’m a noob when it comes to tanks...

Heroes & Generals Basic Tips

If I may offer some tips, I’ve been playing FPS games since they came about… I’ve played side scrollers and RPGs before that.* Some...

Heroes & Generals Tanker’s Guide

Heroes & Generals Tanker’s Guide by DarkbaneFor tankers:(Matters not if you have a TD or tank, this is if you want to help infantry)Either Assault...

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