Top 10 Pokemon Moments That Will Make You Cry


You may not be able to catch them all, but you’ll definitely catch. These feels I’m Ashley with WatchMojo, and these are the top 10 Pokemon moments. It’Ll make you cry after 20 and then 30 years the mansion began to fall apart, but even then I waited for this list, we’ll be talking about some of the most emotional scenes in the Pokemon TV series airing for over 20 years, there are tons of great Tear-Inducing moments in Pokemon today we’ll be counting down the ones that made us cry the most. As always, i’m on twitter, it’s ashe jaybo, so head over.

There give me a follow and let me know which Pokemon moments made. You cry number 10 Charmander in the rain. Charmander the stray Pokemon a Charmander as one of the most iconic creatures from the games. Charmander was always bound to have a big role in the TV series. It is waiting for its master who abandoned it. This immediately fills us with pity, but the truly heartbreaking moment comes later ash and friends see Charmander out in the rain still waiting, even though the water will kill it.

If it’s flame goes out, watching ash tried to convince the Pokemon to come in and seeing it refused is sad because of how committed Charmander is knowing the Charmander eventually joins. Ash is the silver lining come on Charmander. Welcome to the group, [ Music ] number. Nine! Nine tails weights just waiting on a friend. Well then, you may leave go what about [ Music ] in one of the stranger episodes of the Pokemon series, ash and company become trapped in a haunted house. There they encounter and ninetails.

He refuses to let them leave and wants Brock to be its new trainer. They soon find out. The Pokemon is waiting for its master, who died long ago and if the Coco and ninetails have been waiting for him to come back all this time. This is a strange but mournful moment in the show that highlights the deep connection between pokmon and their trainers. Nine tails may be misunderstood in the episode, but its loyalty to its trainer is clear and makes us weepy [ Music, ] number. Eight, the contest winner win, lose all true. A great aspect of Ash’s travels in Hoenn was being able to see his companion May competes. Her own way to become a better trainer May had worked so hard to get to the contest finals and even though she almost wins in the end, she loses.

This was a great dramatic point in the show that teaches viewers about dealing with loss scene may break down after the fight is hard to watch, but also great, to see her react so realistically, seeing how her friend’s comfort her he’s, reassuring and makes us tear up Every time it hurts me number seven changing the past time warp, heals all wounds. Pokemon is known for having some otherworldly plot devices in it, and this episode is a great example.

After hearing about the tragic story of a Gil’s grandfather passing away in an accident before her grandmother could see him again, Mae and Meowth are transported back in time and tried to change the past in the process. They save the girl’s grandfather from dying and find out. The entire town is better off afterwards. This moment is hugely emotional and makes us feel both sadness and happiness because being reunited with a previously deceased relative is something we all wish for number six rocketing away. A poached ego, although Team Rocket, are always trying to steal Ash’s Pikachu.

They have become more than just villains in the show throughout the series we’ve grown closer to them and understood them as characters more in this saddening moments, Jessie and James forced their arbok and weezing. To flee from a poacher and join wild Pokemon, clearly upset by this. The Pokemon reluctantly leave, as Team Rocket desperately tries to hold the poacher and his powerful Pokemon off the expressions of arbok and weezing as they leave are enough to make anyone cry. [ Music ] number five meow learns to talk, go west.

Young meow has always been a rarity in the series because he is one of the few Pokemon that can speak the same language as humans. In this episode, we find out that he learned to talk for love. Meowth has always seemed to have a deeper characterization than just being a bad guy, and it’s great to see that explored. It’S odd not to relate to him even just a little bit after seeing what he has gone through. Sadly, seeing him get turned down at the end makes things all the sadder and again their me else. Well, maybe meows he’s looking at the moon too number four, but a freed by by Butterfree. I guess you have to leave us now, don’t you they have to cross the ocean to start their new family.

This scene is known for its tear-jerking parting between ash and his Butterfree being the first pokmon ash caught in the world. The two had a special connection. The moment is a great blend of music visuals and heightened feelings from the characters by by Butterfree showed the audience that not all of Ash’s Pokemon were going to stay with him forever. Don’T worry I’ll. Just tell all the other Pokemon that you’re on a trip and you’ll come back someday.

Maybe it also sent out how Pokemon could deal with mature themes like separation and how friends may leave each other, but still care ash wishing Butterfree well, is the perfect bittersweet moment. Number three parting ways got a catch. You later just keep on doing your best. What do you mean? Well, you know, even though she hasn’t been a main character on the Pokemon TV show for over a decade, misty is still remembered as one of its most iconic characters.

Her relationship with ash was funny difficult and endearing so when she in ash. Finally, part ways: the audience really feels it and it’s hard not to get emotional during a montage of all their moments. Together, we really get to see how far they’ve come and how they have affected each other’s lives. Okay, take care we’ll miss you, although Brock also ends up leaving temporarily as well beyond to anything else. This is just a great wholesome moment that shows the power of friendship, number two Lytton and stout land one journey ends: another begins: [ Music ].

In a more recent episode, Pokemon dealt with a topic it had often shied away from in recent years. Death hash follows a Litton that he gave food su and finds that it has been feeding an elder least Outland over the course of the episode the scotland eventually passes away and Linton’s reaction to losing its friend is very upsetting as Litton stands in the rain. Calling out for its friend it’s easy to see why this makes most viewers cry a beautiful moment about friendship and dealing with loss.

This episode will long be remembered, [, Music ] before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos. You have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them. If you’re on your phone make sure to go into your settings and switch on notifications, number one pikachu leaves ash Pikachu’s goodbye. Oh these Pikachu here and the forest need you so just goodbye.

The bond between Ash and Pikachu is one of the most beloved aspects of the TV series in this season. One episode, Pikachu finds a group of wild Pikachu and ash thinking. It would make Pikachu happier makes Pikachu stay with them as ash walks away from his Pokemon. We see a tear-jerking montage of all the great moments. The two have shared [ Applause, ], [, Music ].

This scene is a great example of the bond between trainer and pokmon, and also the drama between characters that fans love so much knowing that Pikachu in Asha quickly reunited doesn’t make us any less watery eyed when we watch it so which of these moments. Tucked at your heartstrings, the most let us know in the comments below maybe follow this guy on Twitter Jai Bo check out this other video and subscribe to [, Music, ]

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