Pokemon Direct 2020 Summary – Live Reaction and Commentary


Three buttons this time help my friends. It is 6:30 in the morning and I’m feeling pretty tired, but I’m here to record a pokeyman direct with you with my friend Nolan yo, and I don’t even know if this is worth recording, no idea at all. I just figured this was worth a shot. I don’t know, maybe we’ll get Pokemon snap to maybe and like that’s. What’S weird, I mean like nobody expected this, which is why I should have predicted it yeah. Nobody expects I mean, like sorry show just came out.

Do you need cuz like directs, are kind of major it’s kind of supposed to be like a sort of a big thing. It reveals things, there’s something new yeah like that. If they wanted to just be like hey we’re doing, you know some extra raid battles or whatever or even like more info on like home and sleep, even that is like. Is that worth a direct I mean like? Maybe it could be could be maybe they’re substantial enough, then the thing that gets me it’s 20 minutes long, which will be the longest pokemon direct we’ve ever had yeah most of them. I think, let’s see was it the Jan June 5th one was like 15 minutes.

All right other than that they’re, usually like only 5 10 minutes long. So the fact that it’s 20 I’m kind of curious. But again I have no idea what takes back after this yeah. It could just be that they’ve just got enough different information. That’S long enough! That they’re, like alright, might as well put it in the direct you know. Maybe it is just like here’s. What home is here’s? What sleep is here’s some extra events and stuff that’ll happen, sword and shield? Maybe that’s it, but there’s just 20 minutes worth of information.

There like why not or they’ll, reveal some cool new stuff. We were just talking about how a Pokemon company doesn’t seem to be doing good spin-offs anymore. No, they kind of relegated spin-offs to mobile, which is pretty disappointing and they have potential other games. They can pick from. I know quite a few people like the mystery dungeon games. Yeah that’d be cool, I think they’d be pretty sick. Not I don’t know if it’s quite as popular, but most people like the Ranger games do any of those I not they weren’t. My thing, but I didn’t think them bad games, they’re interesting. I think you could say that about like that’s, like my perspective on most Pokemon spin-offs, I’m like it looks interesting.

I never played it, but it looks alright, and I heard it was pretty good yeah, like not everyone’s cup of tea, but definitely like alright. I can see why people like this, and so I guess that’s why I’m curious with the brain yeah yeah and it’s like. I don’t want to get my hopes up. I want to be realistic. I want to get my hopes up at all of their even will be any new game reveals, but on the other hand, I’m a hundred percent certain its Pokemon snap yeah. Why not? I mean cuz, that’s what I want so bad to celebrate. I could tell you a joke, but I heard from Charles Martin a once: what’s your joke, how’d, you get. You get you on a bus.

Do you Pokemon? Listen, listen! That’S! Why is it rich? There is a reason I had heard it cuz, it’s a good job. That’S fair! It’S a I’m tired! I mean you’re tired. Why did the this is an? Why did the Pokemon look in your window? Pikachu yeah, so I got all right. Look at us girls with the two Pokemon jokes, ladies and gentlemen, I made that one up. No one else has not a very sure you heard it from Marlo: first yeah, that’s sick, joke and, and his latest catchphrase, which what were you taught me, what the catchphrase was liberty black. I should bolometer there yeah it’s like he played a Sims game and then he was inspired.

Oh that’s very sudden, it was no transition to give me ten. Okay, all right, I think, they’re actually announcing this here – is this time to pro remix. No, this is it’s a call bit this region. This is no mystery. Dungeon! Oh wow. I wonder if it’s gon na be a remake. Oh wow, we got mystery. Dungeon, that’s cool, pokemon, mystery dungeon, rescue teams Ellen your first one. I think so that’s actually pretty cool. I don’t know like which games are considered the best ones or what but wonderful add a new Pokemon. I mean, I know it’s a remake up. First, but no! Oh, my gosh, everybody was already joking. Oh it’s gon na be more Charizard in this one.

There was cool, that’s actually it’s also about 15 years since pokemon mystery dungeon, red rescue team and blue rescue team released for the Nintendo Game, Boy, Advance systems, Japan and it’s just one, okay, first half of the year. Oh, that’s that’s good! That’S smart yeah! I could say it, but the fun for the other topic. I think we’ll ask Game Freak to share with you. So does that mean now we have like 18 minutes of one single time pretty mean he did say that it was two subjects right. He did hello. Everyone I’m the suitor from Game, three hello and I’m amore also from gamefreak. We hope everyone has been finding something to it.

I’M jelly not from games since their release. Last November. Our goal is always to deliver lively, new adventures that delight Pokemon trainers around the world. I’M ready to be delighted. We did our best to fill these titles with fun activities so that our players could have a fulfilling experience. Okay, I saw that no one just did like that. A little hand thing like the way to call me out our lands for some time, in fact, hmm. This is why we had Game Freak are now developing the Pokemon expansion everyone’s like they’ve, never done it before they wouldn’t do it now why we sometimes released a new title set in the same region as previous games, the crystal and platinum.

Those were my commercial favorites yeah crystal was cool yeah it’s so instead of that they’re doing the DLC, so we’re development now, but we’ve prepared some footage for you, so you’ll be able to at least get a feeling for why this is some weird information. Yeah some people are gon na, be upset. It’S [, Music ]. It’S like I’d, take DLC over a whole other $ 60 game. You got to buy yeah, but at the same time, paid DLC for this game feels a little it’s rough.

It’S a little rough yeah, but for us what’s the thing is the more substantial is the more mad I’m gon na be all right. Soon, it’s a new areas. Ooh a sub Hoke wait was something he wasn’t in the other one was he no? Does that mean it are adding in new ones and is that a new gym yeah could be like a whole new area? Yeah. I think it’s a previous area. We will loop into or a whole new one. You think I think new, but I don’t know enough about Pokemon [, Music ], bringing it oh yeah dude. This is not gon na go over well, Isis not gon na go over it is that uh, it’s like a kind of like.

Oh, that’s awesome at oh yeah, it’s like oh, but then like people are gon na, be so mad they’re getting they’re just charging us. I love armor interesting people are gon na, be like they’re charging us to get the old Pokemon again we’ll see, let’s see what they say. I don’t think it’s gon na go over very well, though, for me, I’m not optimistic on this one. It’S I, and I know that’s I’m gon na chop here, but it’s one of those. If this you know cuz, like you said they were, they didn’t have much time right. You know I mean, like hey, said that they’re always on a time crunch mm-hmm.

So if this was their way to kind of be able to deliver what they wanted to that’s great, but at the same time it’s it. If it’s it’s it’s mm, I don’t you mean that cause! It’S like. Why wasn’t this just in the game to begin with? Yeah, so I get it already feels so bare-bones. I don’t want to pay more whoa yeah. They said like the Moltres, like all the whoa. Are these like mega bird guys, I think so or are there just a wait hold on that’s? Is it a gallery’ inform how do you have a glare in form of a legendary? It’S it’s not, or is it a different mega evolution or something? What is it all right? It’S the Giganta mix. Then they just show this sequence. They did yeah.

Did the stream mess up? That’S gon na really mess up my video okay, nothing was just. I think it was just replaying, you sure hope, so it oh man, it’s gon na be so hard to edit. Ah great, oh, it’s gon na. Take me like an hour. Just to line it all up again – oh man, I’m so sorry, I could try to arive like replace the commentary, so it’s to have to work yeah. So I wan na main optimistic because you know it could break it. You know they had time to. Let’S write. Yeah, ah man, what price back so sorry, okay projection, but that’s slowpoke and it’s like crossed out and like a cape or what, if it’s gon na get Jack the Ripper looking kind of slow yeah, it couldn’t catch anyone.

This is too slow. But it’s like in case you missed it the first time, here’s the trailer again. What, if the whole rusted direct, was just this replay. It’S just that’s why it’s 20 minutes long, oh, okay, the crown tundra way! Oh, I was like it’s not gon na be like you only get one if you got sword and what, if you got shield, that’s that that what wow, what a mood like a bear guy are those the Jayceon and turned into bears [. Music ]. Is it weird, looking hey the Triforce guy Triforce bunny?

What did you think of this? First? Look the Pokemon soar, expansion pass and the Pokemon shield expansion pass will be composed of the Isle of armor plan to be released June 2020 and the crown Tundra plan to be raised. Maybe that means there’s no Pokemon this year, yeah I’m curious the pokemons. That would be awesome. That would be excellent if they just stopped releasing every year. Each part offers a different adventure where you’ll be able to visit unseen areas of the gallery region and meet new people and pokmon to live there.

There are two versions of the expansion packs, one for Pokemon sword and one for Pokemon shield. Oh different Pokemon will appear in the okay, so just some regular old, slight differences in places. We’Re hoping players can continue with the classic Pokemon experience of trading with one another and working together, even he says, pono without further ado. Let’S have the director himself present more information on the aisle of armor and the crown tundra Minister tani.

How much do you think? It’S gon na, be, though that’s the question. Thirty bucks, I was thinking like I get $ 25.99, I’m tawny from Game. Three, I’m working as the director for the pokemon sword, expansion pass and pokemon shield expansion pass the aisle who’s a director for the main game cuz. If he’s a separate director, is it him the the guy on the right? That means maybe they’re working on the next game, while he directs this, your adventures in Galler are getting even bigger.

First, let us introduce the aisle of armor, which focuses on the theme of growth. Take a look. The next destination in your adventure is a giant island off the shores of the gala region as the io of armor. This island is full of beautiful nature. You’Ll find beaches, bogs, forests, caves and actually really like to look at their. Of course no come on. You couldn’t previously find it. That’S right. Nice re there there’s a dojo for Pokemon battles on this island. I suggest a dojo um, I guess under the pokemon trainer who runs it. This is mustard that one video would you projected any new dairy things.

It was a mustard, it came there’s a ball when he’s the answer to all our questions. You’Ll be training with Clara, who was a poison time mustards just been my word recently, I’m so glad as they oh. I guess that means. There’S like a little story. Yeah, that’s cool next we’d like to introduce the legendary Pokemon. They will be central to the story. Well looks pretty legendary that strives to become stronger with single-minded dedication as you progress through your training mustard will entrust you with this poke.

Is he a legendary that evolves? Is that thing does that happen? Food is a distinct styles. There is little chance for, I think, fighting a dark type style that delivers this thing. I don’t remember any legendary that involves or except Mew, which involves a 92 style man, finds it water type style that focuses on unleashing at quarries. What’S more, it’s been revealed that a Shifu has a gigantic form. Each style will have a different appearance as well as a different GMAC smooth you’ll be able to evolve your cup food into an ashy food in one of these two styles, single strike, style or rapid strike style. Writing watering.

I, like that you’re married mercy. Foo is a powerful Pokemon with a brand new ability, and it also has a new move for each of its two styles. Once you’ve completed your training, bring it with you for some online battles or official competitions. We also want to talk about Rilla boom, Cinda, race and Italia. Final evolutions of the first three Pokemon you team, up with a day fan during your adventure in the Isle of on. I wish I’d piss in your team and, as you can see here, I was always wondering why they didn’t have a gigantic.

There are new fashion items and you leave a message for those. Other item looks for your bike. Ooh. We hope you’ll look forward to the new experiences coming in the aisle of armor [ Music ]. I will review him, discuss the crown Tundra, the second area, which has a theme of exploration, I’m going to show you the information we have at the moment. I like exploration, oh yeah, this won’t be nearly as much is set in the snow. Swept realm of the crown tundra. Take a look for yourself at the beautiful scenery of this shining silvery landscape, as it turns out the Isle of armor.

Isn’T the only uncharted area waiting for you all in the gala region in this frigid area, with its towering winter mountains, people live in smoky, it’s very cool port and rely on each other. The area’s do look like yeah you’ll, be able to find Pokemon that didn’t appear in the gala region before fitting right. In with this area’s theme of exploration, there will be plenty for you to uncover. You might find a strange temple where you least expect it. I wonder how much content we’re looking at you know.

Yeah, a certain person will appoint you as the leader of their exploration team. In the crown Tundra, a certain person you can gear up for adventure in a pouch of explorer blizzard ketchup fields. My big ketchup, deep inside Pokemon pens, which you can only previously get a glimpse of during max rate battles. Next we’d like to introduce calor X, the legendary Pokemon you’ll, discover during your adventure legends say this Pokemon once ruled over a part of Gaillard that I tickets upon a Tundra psychic grab sized by its graceful regal movements, get ready to experience a never before told story About Islam, Triforce bunnies, the crown Tundra, will have a new form of co-op play as well.

Oh, this will allow you and friends to enter and explore pokemon dens that exist underground in the crown Tundra, but only in the news outside the dens or only in the crown Tundra. That’S confusing dynamaxx sing before your eyes, you’ll be able to meet and make allies of all kinds of legendary poachers in the crown Tundra. Oh people are not gon na, be happy about that. Hey we’re bringing back every legendary, but only if you get the DLC. It also appears that, oh I mean it’s cool, but somewhere in this land and combined with the Isle of armor, dozens of new clothing items will be added plus there will be new battles waiting for you to challenge once you complete your entire game, including the Isle Of armor and the crown Tundra, we can’t go into the details of everything, but we’re working on planning and developing new ways to enjoy Pokemon, even as we speak, the Isle of armor in the clearly areas, you’re recording, is key examples of the things we’re working on Both areas are, in fact, seamless Maps much like the wild area.

You can already experience that is cool where players are able. I, like that control camera almost like how the whole entire game should have been them to you’ll, be able to engage in max raid battles against Pokemon that haven’t previously appeared in the gala region, there’s more to see and do on the aisle of armor and in The crown Tundra than there was even in the wild area, Wow we’ll bring you more information about them in future news reports, so please stay tuned, but what’s the price now you got ta tell us price $ 60. That would be funny, oh just as much as a fart for third game. We hope you’re as excited as we are for what’s to come, nope, no pricing! Thank you! What, if they’re like we’re? Sorry, it’s $ 10 yeah and in the crown Tundra you’ll see some familiar Pokemon that didn’t appear in the gallery region.

We know stop saying it. There will be more than 200 pokmon species that appear in these areas and will add to your team’s 200 Wow. Additionally, we’ll be distributing free updates for Pokemon sword and Pokemon few. That will coincide with the releases of the aisle of armor and the crown Tundra, which will add. These updates will allow people who don’t have the pokemon sword and Pokemon shield expansion has to obtain the Pokemon. Okay, that’s good! That’S that’s good, at least their link trades, even if not in the game where’s that they explicitly said they weren’t gon na. Do that yeah. I guess they changed your mind. You know, maybe, because of all the yeah there’s something so mad. We can make people mm-hmm know it for them. So please check Pokemon comm, slash slash.

Finally, we have some more news for our pokemon sword and pokemon shield players, starting today it seems like you’re, more likely to run into Giganta max co-op. Finally, Giganta maxilla. I wondered why he didn’t add one egg and two max flap, Oh or Giganta max appleton. There will also be a software update going live available later today. Hmm, once you’ve received the update head to wedge her station in pokemon sword, you’ll encounter Clara, while in Pokemon shield you’ll run into Avery you’ll also encounter a glare and slowpoke that’s wandered in from the isle of armor huh.

You can try to catch it and add it to your team fire will air in slow poke can evolve into glare in slow bro? If you use an item that can be found on the isle of armor, I just got to sit here with a dumb slowpoke for all this time, don’t forget to check it out. What do you think today? We finally been able to show you some of what we have gained free are hoping to achieve going forward. We hope we’ve been able to get you excited for the continuing adventures waiting for you in the eye. I am conflicted conflicted we’ll do our best to fill it to the brim, with adventures like you’ve never experienced before whether you’re, just starting with Pokemon, sword and Pokemon shield or you’ve done everything there is to do we’ll do our best to develop something that everyone can Enjoy yeah no definitely definitely conflicted.

My thanks to ever think you want a lot of content, but the more they offer, the more it’s kind of like armor and tundra. Thirty wax will be available for pre-purchase $ 29.99. Arlo was right same thing, you’ll also be able to act. What ok? Oh alright, that’s the end of the stream. I guess ok, work straight, we’ll also be able to add something access there / that one time he replayed seen footage twice in a row uh-huh until they got to the twenty minutes. Like the thing is, I’m gon na go download the the video they upload and it’s not gon na have all the same issues. So I’m gon na have to like recreate the issues and then we can just be like. What do you think he was gon na say you can app yeah, maybe was gon na sneeze.

Thank you and that was the end yeah. You can even act you and then it comes to this alright. Well like okay, like as a person that just thought sort of chills, okay kind, like you for in the middle, I didn’t think I didn’t hate it. I want to make that abundantly clear, but I think the expansion’s are cool, but at the same time it’s like hey. I think it’s cool in a sense that from people that are like no, no we’re not gon na add any more to this we’re not. We are not going to anymore; we just got ta keep going forward the fact that went back on that and added 200 plus Pokemon, and that even if you didn’t get the past could still trade them to people. I do like that and I’m appreciative of that, but I can understand that your feeling of like I wasn’t yeah cuz, that’s kind of like I guess for me. That’S what I thought of like the wild area, like I thought kind of like different regions like yeah.

This expansion – and I guess, is what I kind of that’s what I suspected yeah. I mean I’m glad we’re getting it, but I get I get why you feel I can’t say anything more cuz. Now I got ta do a video on it, of course, of course so uh I guess I got ta get home. Alright, I got ta get home, I got ta get home and do that video and spend hours trying to try to make this commentary thing happen with all the mess. Ups thanks, Pokemon first sorted shield, and now the stream make a bunch extra work for me. Mustard man mustard man – hey you got me, hey mustard is the answer to all. Yes, all right, thank you for listening, / watching, see you later Nolan.

Just they can’t see that yeah, okay, you know what I think they brother. He did the salute me. They can’t see it. I know they camp. I thought they’d rather hear you say goodbye as like the final thing, then some guy that spilt, a hot pocket on a shirt shortly before he got here so hey, maybe you’ll, maybe they’ll watch this and they will be remember how hot pocket was tweeting they’re like What content created you want to do hot pocket content too?

Maybe they’ll, hey, I’m sure that means he still eats pot hot pockets. We found someone good for him. I see how long did you get over your buffer? Alright? Well I mean everything: does that’s fair right?

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