Grand Soiree Apex Legends Apex Legends – Arcade Event All Skins, Rewards & Game Modes Explained


Just when you thought respawn was done with the season, they drop a new event, but with one game mode, but seven and a ton of really cool cosmetics. So let’s watch the trailer and then I’ll go back through and showcase all of the game modes show. All of the skins and just frame by frame of the video explain the mode in more detail: [ Music, ] experience, [ Music ], nobody puts dummy in a corner, looks like Watson has some fun with the rig. This should be exciting: [, Music, ].

Everybody looks so fancy, which is a fancy way of saying nice. I won congratulations to me that is some funky fresh gear crypto. So first we have this peacekeeper scanner, which will actually be Honorable in the event I’ll explain more in a minute, and then we have this really cool Watson, skin, most likely a legendary skin, really nice color scheme and then this Mirage, one which is also going to Be Anibal in the event, so I’ll explain that again in a second then up next we have this long wear skin.

This is the best of you’ll we have of it so yeah, very colorful. It may fit the clip to one I’m not sure, and next we have this skin. I’M not sure if this is a new skin or not it’s just a very basic red one. So I’m not sure, then we have Bangalore and bloodhound this Bangalore. Skin is one of the very few skins that actually looks really awesome, and I’m very very hope for that. So yes, thank God, and then we have octane and there’s an average of Mirage there. This octane ones are really really cool. Octane’S been getting some really awesome ones. Recently, it’s really hard to choose which one’s going to be my favourite at this point, and then we have Watson and caustic alongside each other cuz, it’s pretty simple might be a $ 5 one.

Honestly, I’m not sure there. We have this havoc one in the new night mode and then up next we have this really cool crypto skin, which is just yes very nice. So you may have noticed that there’s no lifeline or gibraltar skins now, maybe they won’t get them. It may be possible. We’Ve had events like that in the past they may get them, but I think that’s less likely. However, we’ll have to wait when the event goes live in a few days. So let me now explain what this new grand soiree event is because, as tons of new information to go through so the event will start January 14 to January 28 and it brings back the roaring 20s. It’S a limited time mode event for two weeks and every two days there will be a new game mode.

This will include some gamers have seen before and also some new ones now what’s interesting, this is a fiend event. This isn’t a collection event, which means there are some cosmetics you can unlock by playing the event mode. So, let’s take a look at this image. It explains it in more details. Welcome revelers: that’s a fancy way of saying friends: you’re invited to a soiree, which is a fancy way of saying party. We have lots of two modes and new ways for you to shoot each other fun, complete challenges to earn points and win prizes each mode.

Last two days so come back and party. Often it’s the bee’s knees, that’s a fancy way of saying painful honey. I think so. For the first two days, we’ll have gold rush duo’s. This is Joy’s mode with gold weapons. So that’s going to be a lot of fun, Mastiffs crabbers, probably flatline chop, we’ll take all that stuff, very good and then the next two days we have lived. I live. This is a mode where, as soon as the next ring starts, you’ll respawn so kind of like deathmatch, but you have to wait a little bit in between modes and then from January 18th of January 19 for having the third-person mode. Now, if you saw the Easter Egg, you saw half a person what, if you aim down sight using in a bit, but if you use a sniper scope, it will go into the scope itself.

It’S really correctly. So this is gon na be a lot of fun and people are gon na see how a third-person mode fails in fights, I’m not sure many people gon na, like it, I don’t know. Maybe people really love it cuz I get to see their skin and then why have always be closing in this mode. The ring will start right at the outer edges, but it’ll keep moving in and in and in until it’s completely closed, so you got to keep running basically and then January 22nd that January 23rd we’ll have armed and dangerous’ on world’s edge. If you didn’t know already, armed and dangerous is a game-mode where just shotguns and snipers you had any have white body shields, it’s really good game to go in and get a ton of kills and it’s a lot of fun. It’S full squads as well, then January 24th to 25th.

We have Kings Canyon after dark, a night mode on Kings Canyon without any of the shadows or anything like that. It’S just straight-up normal game mode, but on Kings,

Canyon in night. So that’s gon na be a lot of fun and then January 26 to January 28th. We’Ve got dummies big day now. This is just some weird game mode, where everyone’s dressed up as dummies or something really weird, but it could be fun. Maybe there’s some strange twist to it now. What’S really interesting is Kings. Canyon after dark is coming January 24th to 25th. Maybe just maybe we might see a revenant teaser around that I don’t know, maybe just saying he might be on the map, so definitely keep an eye on that.

So let’s have a look at this reward crack. It seems you’ll be out on points by playing the game and if we keep earning points, you’ll actually unlock. Some of these rewards so there’ll be a new Arthur one skin that wasn’t shown in the trailer there’ll also be that havoc skin right at the end, and you can get the simple peacekeeper and Mirage skin that was shown in the trailer too. So that’s really cool they’ll also be a bonus growing weekend on January 17th to January 20th. We can get more points in this event. So definitely stay tuned so definitely play on that weekend too, and like previous fiend events, there will be a mix of legendary skins at probably about $ 20 and $ 5 skins.

So no opening crates, it’s all direct purchase. Now I don’t know, but last time they released the voidwalker event, they had some kind of law. I don’t think they’ll do that this time, but we’ll see anyway, super excited this is gon na, be a whole month filled with content, as we lead up to season. Four, so super awesome stuff, I’m so excited. Thank you. Everyone for watching make sure to subscribe here. So you can see all of the content first as soon as it goes live. Thank you. So much I’ll see you in the comments. Cheerio

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