FFXIV A quick guide for void gate survival (E7S) By: NamooL


0: stand in the middle of the arena to start with, look at your debuff and look at the birds. Go to the birds with opposite color – if you are light buff find dark birds if you are dark buff find light birds. Do this in the middle two columns.

1: when you get hit by the bird, if you are on the middle left column (2nd column from left) you need to go to 2nd or 4th row on either left or right most column of the arena. If you are on the middle right, you need to go to the 1st or 3rd row.

2: go to the lane you determined in step 1. As waiting for the 1st bird rush to resolve, Pay attention to the first portal on the left side (NW corner). If it’s blue, you stay on the same lane that you are currently at for the next bird rush. If it’s red, you need to move a lane up or down for the next bird rush. Wait for the rush to resolve.

3: bait the aoe outside of column 1 and 4. Get some heals if you need, go to the lane that you determined in step 2. You will see a aoe marker on your head. Ignore them for now. Instead pay attention to the NW corner again. This time it’s opposite to all the previous logic. If it’s red, you stay in your lane for the next up. If it’s blue, you move 1 lane up or down.

4: wait for the 2nd bird rush to resolve, wait for the aoe to resolve (don’t clip anyone. You can drop them towards the middle lane and come back. You have some time), then go to the lane that you determined in step 3.

Mechanic finished.

The same tell can be used during phase 1. If the 2nd column bird rushes first at the start of the mechanics, you need to start in blue (2nd and 4th row on the side). If the 3rd lane bird rushes first, you need to start in red (1st and 3rd row on the side first) then from there:

If NW is blue. You stay after you dodge the 2 birds. If NW is red, you move up or down one lane after you dodge the 2 birds.

Red: move, move Blue: move, stay

This is based on the back portal are always left red and right blue when it first appeared – for all the wipes and clear I never see otherwise unless I’m super lucky. Right side portals are always fixed in place red blue red blue. And birds always rush from right to left. Knowing this, light and dark and color and such is only relevant at the start of the mechanics.

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