Destiny Fastest Reputation Farming Guide

Destiny Fastest Reputation Farming Guide by bm_nJoiWhat’s up guys it’s ya boy nJoi back again with another guide for ya,This is a guide on a...

Destiny Vanguard, Faction Rep and Vanguard Marks Guide

Destiny Vanguard, Faction Rep and Vanguard Marks Guide by Dynasty2201So, there’s a lot of confusion about rep and mark gaining, and frankly this is understandable.Bungie...
max vanguard marks

Destiny Max Vanguard Marks in 3 Hours Guide

Destiny Max Vanguard Marks in 3 Hours Guide by altoidsjedi and heyitsmejoshI was able to max out my Vanguard Marks in under 4 hours today...

Destiny Hunter Bladedancer Blink Build Guide

Destiny Hunter Bladedancer Blink Build Guide by frostwolfehThis will be a guide for a blink build for the Bladedancer subclass.Here is some small proof of...

Destiny Public Events Guide

Destiny Public Events Guide by ShwinkySo after playing the living hell out of the Beta I’ve figured out the timing for most Public Events. The...

Destiny PvP Crucible Strategy Guide

Destiny PvP Crucible Strategy Guide by Phrasing_BoomLongtime lurker here, hence the recent-ness of my account.Due to a combination of current personal boredom, a general love...

Destiny PvE Class Comparison Guide

Destiny PvE Class Comparison Guide by cgmcnamaUpdate 9/10: Warlock got nerfed pretty hard for everything I liked about him. Became much more mobile with skill...

Destiny Vault of Glass Guide

Destiny Vault of Glass Guide by CNDiviPSo this morning when the raid opened, I decided to pug the full raid. we formed a group of...

Destiny Guns Rarity Information

Destiny Guns Rarity Information by Castielle101I have acquired a great deal of knowledge over the past few months putting together a Destiny Wiki and I...

Destiny Dead Ghosts Locations Guide

Destiny Dead Ghosts Locations Guide by noz3r0DEAD GHOST LOCATIONS FOR EARTH/TOWERDead Ghost #1Location: The Breach During the initial mission you may find this Dead Ghost...

Destiny Hunter In-Depth Guide

Destiny Hunter In-Depth Guide by HarleyTayy there,Destiny has brought many different play styles through the 3 classes and their own subclasses, with melees to enhance...

Destiny Optimal Build for Nightfall and Raids

Destiny Optimal Build for Nightfall and Raids by cgmcnamaOptimizing 1st Character for Nightfalls/RaidsPurposeThe purpose of this strategy is to maximize your equipment options right when...

Destiny Exotic Hand Cannon Weapon Bounty Guide

Destiny Exotic Hand Cannon Weapon Bounty Guide by MrPants17I’ve heard a ton of different things about this bounty, so here’s exactly how it works. This...

Destiny Sunsinger Tips and Analysis

Destiny Sunsinger Tips and Analysis by GringoLoko_904Good Evening/Morning/Afternoon depending on where you are. This is not a comprehensive guide but rather one for new/lesser experienced...

Destiny Endgame Guide

Destiny Endgame Guide by HirmetriumI wanted to help some folks out who aren’t necessarily sure what the optimal progression in the game is. I’ve read...

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