Dark Souls 2 NPC Achievements and Quests Guide By: JoeyTheSchmo

Achievements There are a total of 9 achievements linked to NPC questlines. 1: Curious Map NPC: Cale the Cartographer He can be found in the Forest of Fallen Giants;...

Dark Souls 2 Twinkling Titanite Farming Guide By: JoeyTheSchmo

Spreadsheet here containing step-by-step guides, comparisons, analysis, and all that sweet, sweet data. I’ve split the methods up into two groups: Farming Methods These methods are defined by being entirely...

Dark Souls Newbie Guide

Dark Souls Newbie Guide by ThalnagathI just recently got a friend hooked on Dark Souls, and I’ve started a new playthrough myself just because it’s...

Dark Souls 2 PvP Guide

Dark Souls 2 PvP Guide by UncreativerenewThese are things I consider to be fundamentals of the game.First of which is spacing.Generally spacing be boiled down...

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