Crusaders Quest Chaser Passive Tier List

Crusaders Quest Chaser Passive Tier List by HodgekinThis is a guide for new players looking for help on how each Chaser work + How effective...

Crusaders Quest Alex Defense Mods Guide

Crusaders Quest Alex Defense Mods Guide by HodgekinTL:DR – Flat A/R>dmgR>%HPI’m gonna apply my limited knowledge in arithmetic and be as unbiased and objective as...

Crusaders Quest World Boss Drops Guide

Crusaders Quest World Boss Drops Guide by HodgekinHere’s a quick guide for data on WB Loot. This guide will be ongoing, I will record all...

Crusaders Quest Goddesses Guide

Crusaders Quest Goddesses Guide by bluenpcI’ve been noticing that many players do not fully understand how to use the goddesses. This guide will aim to...

Crusaders Quest Hikari Guide

Crusaders Quest Hikari Guide by HodgekinWelcome to the newest addition to my guides, insight to Hawk Eye Hikari! This guide will be exploring the concept...

Crusaders Quest Kriemhild of Oath Guide

Crusaders Quest Kriemhild of Oath Guide by HodgekinI decided to make an in-depth guide for Kriemhild of Oath! This guide will be the most extensive...

Crusaders Quest Archon Guide

Crusaders Quest Archon Guide by HodgekinI did an analysis on best mods for Alex a few days back. I thought I’ll share some of my...

Crusaders Quest Action Queue Guide

Crusaders Quest Action Queue Guide by FloreauCQ has an action queue setup for instances where an individual hero has more than one action to do...

Crusaders Quest General Guide

Crusaders Quest General Guide by HodgekinOkay, okay, settle down class!Welcome to CQ General Guide to Crusading, ggc101. My name is Professor Hodgekin, and I’ll be...

Crusaders Quest Rachel Guide

Crusaders Quest Rachel Guide by dwilxI’ve been using Rachel a lot since getting her SBW, and she has become one of my favorite and go-to...

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