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Epic Seven Guild War Offensive Comps and Gear Guide By: SatorArepoT

This guide details how to gear units used with success as relatively generic offensive comps in GW. The comps section won’t list every comp we...

Epic Seven SkyStone F2P Guide By: AstralOsu

Hi everyone ! Today I want to make a quick guide about free-to-play Skystones and how to manage them as a new player/mid game player (Note...

Epic Seven Artifact Tier List By: ToFat4Fun

This document is based on the state of the game at 17/06/2020 and from the point of view of a Champion RTA and Arena...

Epic Seven Arena Offense Meta Teams Guide By: aiai

This guide will cover the most common Arena Offense teams used in high-level Arena. These “meta” compositions are the common strong teams, and in...

Epic Seven Zodiac Catalyst Guide By: RyanXSinclaire

Zodiac Sign Awakening Catalyst Skill Catalyst Awakening Catalyst (Epic) Aquarius Order of the Shield Insignia Leather Sheath Fighter Medal Aries Blessing of Orbis Path Power Loop Nightmare Mask Cancer Special Alarm Loop Baby Mouse Insignia The Heart of Hypocrisy Capricorn Cursed...

Epic Seven Wyvern 13 Comprehensive Guide By: aiai

This guide seeks to comprehensively cover the mechanics of the new prime farming location, and provide you with the tools and teams to succeed...

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