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FFXIV A quick guide for void gate survival (E7S) By: NamooL

0: stand in the middle of the arena to start with, look at your debuff and look at the birds. Go to...

How to hunt living ships! In NoMansSky By: magicwis

This little guide doesn't have the pretention to be exclusive. And I don't claim to be the first one to do that (just haven't...

Guide on how to be hardstuck and avoid improving By: crunch3000

Here's some tips and tricks for newer players and veterans on how to stay hardstuck in Silver/Gold and be comfortable doing it. Over the...

This Is Why You Are Struggling To Get Diamond (explained by a Top 500)...

Whether you are Gold, Platinum, Silver, or even Bronze. Diamond is a big mile stone for a lot of players, yet only 15% of...

Shade’s Crafter Leveling Guide Guide (Feb 29 2020) : ffxiv

The crafter leveling guide: Back in early January, I published a major update to the crafter leveling guide on my website: https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/elx3ub/sg_v30_complete_guide_to_crafter_leveling_leves/ I've got some things to...

A Complete Guide to the Aim Assist/Input Debate : FortniteCompetitive By: Qui_Jon

A Complete Guide to the Aim Assist/Input Debate TL;DR - The game is balanced just fine. If your opinion is that one input is overall...

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