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Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Boons Guide

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Boons Guide by GoraniPlease take into account that there seems to be lot of Trait interaction with the boons and...

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Introduction

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Introduction by GoraniSome of you might have played the Elementalist in Guild Wars (GW1), some of you will be new...

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Information

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Information by Thalanor ThornhaleIndexPrologueMechanicsArmor and WeaponsSkillsWeapon-Based SkillsShatter SkillsHealing SkillsSignetsMantrasOther Auxiliary SkillsElite SkillsTraits and AttributesDominationDuelingChaosIllusionInspirationCombos and StrategiesMedia1. PrologueBetween the many interviews,...

Epic Seven Rin Detailed Guide

by E7-CameraGreetings,It’s been a while since posting my last lengthy write up on a unit I love to use, and a recent post showing...

Epic Seven Specter Tenebria Guide

by Max-Max2I’ll start this by saying that I am a Feet Tenebria enthusiast. This analysis will be post buff (scheduled for the 20th of Feb)...

Apex Legends Crypto Guide

by phantom19248Hi! I am a Crypto main. I noticed that most online “Crypto tips” articles merely explain the dry mechanics, so I decided to...

Apex Legends How to 1v3 and Other Tips

by ShadyPotDealerI have been asked time and time again, what “the secret is”. And the answer is actually quite simple. The secret to becoming...

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Information

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Information by Malhavoc AdhamarThe ranger is a nature-themed adventurer profession which combines their use of pets with mobile combat and...

Overwatch Mercy and Lucio Comparison Guide

Overwatch Mercy and Lucio Comparison Guide by Techno_KittyMercy and Lucio are currently the two staple supports of Overwatch, each sporting their own unique mechanics...

Overwatch Rank Up by Dying Less Guide

by standwispThere are countless guides out there that advertise the best ways to rank up in Overwatch. I guarantee you a lot of them talk...

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Information

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Information by Auntie IOverviewThe warrior is a Soldier profession. They are the masters of a wide range of weapons and...

Pokemon Go Building an Effective Great League Team for PvP

by Shark_Eating_BaconHello all!  With the recent arrival of Go Battle League and the beginning of the pre-season being Great League, I threw together a...

Guild Wars 2 FAQ

Guild Wars 2 FAQ by RyuzakiGeneral:Will GW2 have a subscription fee?No. After buying the game you will be able to play for as long...

Rainbow Six Siege 2020 Best Barrel Attachment Guide

by JgunloI Have seen lots of posts asking for Recoil and attachment guides so I decided to make a detailed one for 2020. This...

Rainbow Six Siege Bandit Tricking Complete Guide

by ItsClaiiHi, I’ve been a plat player for 5 seasons now and sat 160 away from diamond soloqueueing. After picking the game back up...

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