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Rift 61 Dominator PvP Guide

Rift 61 Dominator PvP Guide by Meduza 61 Dominator is a powerful PvP spec. There are different ways to play the spec that can all be...

Skyforge Understanding Your Lightbinder Guide

Skyforge Understanding Your Lightbinder Guide by The Golden God 1. Preface This guide is for those people looking to understand how the Lightbinder supports the team, without...

SMITE Abbreviations Guide

SMITE Abbreviations Guide by Liberis Just a quick list for those who are not familiar with MOBA terminology. Post your suggestions and I will update...

SWTOR Imperial Agent Beginner’s Guide

SWTOR Imperial Agent Beginner’s Guide by Obsivus 1. Introduction2. Important Information(Cover & Energy)3. Primary Stats4. Companion List5. Sniper PVP/PVE Builds6. Sniper DPS Rotations7. Operative PVP/PVE...

Hearthstone Free Player’s Guide

Hearthstone Free Player’s Guide by Saavedra I recently read an article at a website called, “How to Play Hearthstone Without Spending a Dollar.” It was the...

Neverwinter GWF PvP Disengaging Theorycrafting

Neverwinter GWF PvP Disengaging Tactic Theorycrafting by kolatmaster Greetings my friends and fellow GWF enthusiasts! Since hitting 60 on my first GWF build, using the Instigator path...

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