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SWTOR Smuggler Basic Guide

SWTOR Smuggler Basic Guide by Gassygunslinger Section 1: The basic mechanics Cover is a mechanic exclusive to Smugglers and Imperial Agents. It is used by...

Hearthstone Quests and Daily Quests List

Hearthstone Quests and Daily Quests List by Fluxflashor Quests (Non-repeatable)NameDescriptionRewardFirst BloodComplete a game in Play mode.1 Card PackThe DuelistPlay 3 games in Play mode.1 MountLevel UpGet...

Neverwinter Control Wizard Thaumaturge Endgame Guide

Neverwinter Control Wizard Thaumaturge Endgame Guide by runicfi Provide sufficient control, then do maximum damage. Excess control is a waste, excess damage cannot be made. Some Powers...

Ragnarok Online 2 Quests FAQ

Ragnarok Online 2 Quests FAQ by BenyNTU I get this question so many times when I play and also see this question in forum, so...

Rift Rogue NB/Sin Leveling Guide

Rift Rogue NB/Sin Leveling Guide by Thag So basically, I wanted a “stealthy” spec while I was leveling my rogue, so I modified the ye olde...

SWTOR Smuggler’s Cant Secret Code Language Guide

SWTOR Smuggler’s Cant Secret Code Language Guide by AustinMark Smugglers Cant Translator Version 1.1!Thank you Gassygunslinger & La_Trix PREFIX Bo: a literal qualifier while speaking cant, ‘cant’...

Hearthstone Legendaries Guide

Hearthstone Legendaries Guide by Bane AIM: The aim of this guide is to provide a list that puts all the current legendaries into a tiered list...

Neverwinter Reaching Endgame Guide

Neverwinter Reaching Endgame Guide by balthezore Hi there my name or well nickname is Killuminati at Dragon server. After watching constant zone spams (how do I...

Ragnarok Online 2 Wizard Basic Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Wizard Basic Guide by Ibluelalice I play as Aquilon on the Korean server, and the armor you see is lv 50 raid...

Rift Mage Harbchon Guide

Rift Mage Harbinger/Archon Guide by meph1111 http://www.riftscene.com/soul-builder/?build=2299 Synergy crystal used : Archon (Harb may be better with 4 pc, still at 3 pc T2) Buffs : Eldritch Armor,...

Skyforge Cryomancer Guide

Skyforge Cryomancer Leveling Guide by InquiringTruth As a preface, all of these choices depend on having the legendary weapon and epic offhand from the founder’s or...

SMITE Tips and Advice

SMITE Tips and Advice by infinity2209 General (This will relate to tips for generic gameplay, not related to specific gods.) 1. You may buy up to...

SWTOR Scoundrel Healing Guide

SWTOR Scoundrel Healing Guide by bshenkd Introduction First and foremost, Smuggler Scoundrel healing is the most fun healing class I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing!...

Hearthstone Tips and Terminology

Hearthstone Tips and Terminology by nuhertz Finally! You have your beta key, and you’ve already leveled a bit and gotten the easy gold, now it’s time to understand...

Neverwinter GWF Essential Tips and Advice

Neverwinter Great Weapon Fighter Essential Tips and Advice by trickshaw GWF’s are just fine. Step 1: You are not prepared… The GWF is not a Barbarian. Read it again....

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