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Rift Mage Healing Guide

Rift Mage Healing Guide by Sagramor I’m main spec healer in Rift for a good while, and during the fights in game I seen Mage healers...

Skyforge Archer Guide

Skyforge Archer Guide by Stephen Strange This is my guide to archer, which I believe is a very fun class with nice stable dps and good...

SMITE Sobek Guide

SMITE Sobek Guide by GuessMoo Hey there fellow Smite players. I just wanted to tell you that I made a guide on how to play Sobek. I made...

SWTOR HuttBall Guide

SWTOR HuttBall Guide by Highcommander Greetings space beings! Giradda the Hutt has reviewed your recent participation in HuttBall! He is most displeased in the performance...

Hearthstone Rogue Rank 5 Deck Guide

Hearthstone Rogue Rank 5 Deck Guide by JimbozGrapes First off, a little about why you should read my guide. I have been playing MTG and MTGO...

Neverwinter DC Defensive Build Guide

Neverwinter DC Defensive Build Guide by deberserker I’ve gotten quite a few requests from Devoted Clerics on my server to make a guide to show how...

Ragnarok Online 2 Noel Skills Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Noel Skills Guide by KangJiyoung Noel is a race. Its sprite is like a small cute fluffy midget. Once you create a Noel character...

Rift Cleric Justicar Leveling Guide

Rift Cleric Justicar Leveling Guide by Dademore Synopsis: While there are guides out there for Cleric Tanks regarding end game gearing and statistical analysis, there are very...

Skyforge Lightbinder Basics Guide

Skyforge Lightbinder Basics Guide by DualSpiral As some of you know I play a damage Lightbinder for PvP and PvE, I will make this guide with...

SMITE Odin Guide

SMITE Odin Guide by DJpasha Introduction Welcome to Odin SMITE guide let’s just get to it, Odin is a great tank-ganker God. He can lock up enemy...

SWTOR Reverse Engineering Guide

SWTOR Reverse Engineering Guide (Updated) by Slaign Table of Contents Known Issues The Two Paths ...

Hearthstone Newbie Tips

Hearthstone Newbie Tips by Braindead here you go boys and women. the guide 1) When building a deck, account for number of cards you’ll be playing per turn....

Neverwinter TR Stealth Executioner Build Guide

Neverwinter TR Stealth Executioner Build Guide by todesfaelle Introduction: My name is Banelorne Fellbanner from the Mindflayer Shard and I’d like to share an alternative way of...

Ragnarok Online 2 Ranger Detailed Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Ranger Detailed Guide by frostsense Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Pros/Cons III. Stats IV. Skills V. Play Style VI. Equipment Choice VII. Excerpts and Closing Comments I. Introduction Hello everyone! I’m...

Rift Cleric Raiding Defiler Guide

Rift Cleric Raiding Defiler Guide by Sheridyn Introduction Warning: This is a text-heavy guide. Deal with it. Defiler is the newest soul for clerics with the release of Storm...

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