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Shaiya Light Noble Gear Quests Guide

Shaiya Light Noble Gear Quests Guide by Sw0rDsPin Note: 1) The quests listed here may not give some of the equipment for the Humans. 2)...

Skyforge Archer Basic Guide

Skyforge Archer Basic Guide by Ginger Beard Hello. My name is Ginger Beard, a 22k Archer in the EU server with ~100 hour of archer experience,...

SMITE Awilix Guide

SMITE Awilix Guide by Zachmonster0 The Build So, I find that the most effective way to build Awilix is with power. Her passive(being the first to strike...

Star Trek Online Tactical Space Combat Guide

Star Trek Online Tactical Space Combat Guide by Khemaraa_Iron_Hand_KBF Check Six! It means look behind you… In every pilot ready room, in every nation on the...

SWTOR Cybertech Crew Skill Guide

SWTOR Cybertech Crew Skill Guide by Craftamancer Here’s a guide to Cybertech based on my experience in-game to date. All information is current as of...

Summoners War Attacker Runes Guide

Summoners War Attacker Runes Guide by K1 Introduction Greetings and welcome. I am K, and I have been playing Summoners War, 100% F2P, since August 2014. While...

Hearthstone Mid-Range Hunter Guide

Hearthstone Mid-Range Hunter Guide by Trainerdusk Hi guys and girls. I’m Nick, but online I go by TrainerDusk. I recently started a youtube series about netdecking...

Neverwinter Advanced Combat Tips

Neverwinter Advanced Combat Tips by derressh I figured that since Neverwinter is an action based MMO, it would be good to compile a list of...

PlanetSide 2 Tank Tips

PlanetSide 2 Tank Tips by BengalTiger 1. The tank belongs to the field. Not the area next to a watchtower. Not the courtyard of a contested base. Not...

Ragnarok Online 2 FAQ

Ragnarok Online 2 FAQ by Soushii I made this since I noticed that there are tons of players who are new to this game and asking...

RotMG Choosing the Right Class Guide

RotMG Choosing the Right Class Guide by Tarbomb With all the “what class should I pick” threads flying around, I was thinking that I might...

Rift Warrior Perfect Solo Build Guide

Rift Warrior Perfect Solo Build Guide by pkudude Updated Build Level 50 — 41 WL / 25 Champ / 0 Paragon Level 60 — 41 WL / 35 Champ /...

RuneScape Player Owned Ports Guide

RuneScape Player Owned Ports Guide by WoHenRe Okay, so since Pop has come out alot of people have offered opinions about how to run your port. So...

Shaiya Melee PVP Guide

Shaiya Melee PVP Guide by hypnos34 Survivability I am want to keep the format similar to the previous guide for 1-15 PvP casters found Here....

Skyforge Completing Anomalies Quickly Guide

Skyforge Completing Anomalies Quickly Guide by Wyck At this point some of the players developed not so warm feelings toward the anomalies, for various reasons. This guide...

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