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Rohan Online Ranger Guide

Rohan Online Ranger Guide by TheHellHunter Looking recently, I’ve realized there really isn’t an updated, easy-to-read, and comprehensive Stat/Skill distribution guide for all of the...

Runes of Magic Pet Training Points Guide

Runes of Magic Pet Training Points Guide by a6point6 In this small guide ill explain the use of switch merging, since i get tired of...

RuneScape Eoc Slayer Guide

RuneScape Eoc Slayer Guide by Miss Dove This guide will focus on Kuradal and the tasks she can give. For a while I have had a slayer...

Shaiya Kiting Defender’s Guide

Shaiya Kiting Defender’s Guide by need2kill5 Hello all existing and hopeful future defenders (and guardians if there are any tanking ones out there) to the...

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