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Dragon’s Prophet Runewake Dragon Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Runewake Dragon Guide by DevoireI wanted to share some info on the Runewake Dragon from the TW Beta. As it currently stands this...

Dragon’s Prophet FAQ

Dragon’s Prophet FAQ by 1mirg I can’t find this person: Depending on the person you are looking for, they can be either in another map, or non...

Dragon’s Prophet Basic Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Basic Guide by Reynen Welcome Initiates, First, let me first compliment you on graduating out of your diapers and into the frying pan. You’ve taken the...

Dragon’s Prophet Ancient Dragons 100% Pathways Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Ancient Dragons 100% Pathways Guide by DragonMaster001Umbral Glare lvl35: 100% Pathwayhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOnuGQ194LgOnyx Smoke lvl35: 100% Pathwayhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aYX-itQnm8Speckled Thorn lvl45: 100% Pathwayhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a42ABnKm95MCobalt Lightning: 100% Pathwayhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7YwOPNmIT8Fungal Tide...
barka map

Dragon’s Prophet Public Events Maps

Dragon’s Prophet Public Events Maps by takabananaI’m making maps with locations of the public events in each zone. So far I’ve Barka and Satuma done....
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Dragon’s Prophet Housing Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Housing Guide by Dagron to get to the housing area the portal is in north Arteicia in the laedis zone after you get here...

Dragon’s Prophet Guardian Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Guardian Guide by Trollwoot Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Question and Answer 3. General Purpose 3.1. Pros and Cons 3.2. Starting Area 4. Attributes 5. Talents and Masteries 5.1. Talents 5.2. Masteries 5.3....

Dragon’s Prophet Oracle Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Oracle Guide by Shadiz Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself. My name is Kay and I have played numerous MMOs’ before I could spell properly....

DragonFable Class Strategy Ultimate Guide

DragonFable Class Strategy Ultimate Guide by The Final HollowHello and welcome to the DF Ultimate Class Strategy Guide.This guide contains, relatively, every strategy that...

Dragon’s Prophet Fafnir’s Gold Event Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Fafnir’s Gold Event Guide by DevoireIntroduction:Several adventurers found a huge cave, filled with gold and treasures. This was Fafnir’s treasure, and when...
DragonFable Death Knight Guide | GuideScroll

DragonFable Death Knight Guide

DragonFable Death Knight Guide by Cursed Hero Table of contents : -Introduction -Requirements -Stats -Skills -Strategies -Equipment -Notes -Log -Credits Introduction : This guide will be talking about the mighty DeathKnight class, It is...
housing zone

Dragon’s Prophet Housing/PvP Zone Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Housing/PvP Zone Guide by RobenHi this guide is made to help some of you people out on your way through the Housing /...
DragonFable Complete Dragon Guide | GuideScroll

DragonFable Complete Dragon Guide

DragonFable Complete Dragon Guide by Acient JTable of ContentsIntroduction and FAQ (#0)Customization (#1)Baby Dragons: The Basics (#2)Baby Dragons: Bonding (#3)Baby Dragons: Growing Up...

Dragon’s Prophet Costume Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Costume Guide by PriscatellaHey there!Since I’ve seen a lot of people asking about how Costume and the % of it works, I decided...
DragonFable Leveling and Stats Guide

DragonFable Leveling and Stats Guide

DragonFable Leveling and Stats Guide by Doom ZeroSection I: IntroductionSo, just so you don’t have some unknown stranger telling you all these things, and...

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