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Rhys’ Zombie Pandemic General Comprehensive Guide

This is the Encyclopedia Zombannica, a one-stop guide for how to do just about anything in the world of Zombie Pandemic, and how to...

Spiderjerusalem’s Zombie Pandemic Quick Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where do I sell/buy item? At shops. Here’s a list of names and locations: http://blog.zombiepandemic.com/Wiki/tabid/71/page/Shops/Default.aspx You can find one at 33:33 and another when you...

Mandarni’s Zombie Pandemic Melee Guide

This post will be divided into three main topics: 1 Introduction 2 Stats * .1 Agility * .2 Close Combat * .3 Constitution * .4 Marksmanship * .5 Smarts * .6 Strength *...

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