World of Warships: [Guide] Manual Dive Bomber Drops

Hello and welcome! Today’s video is about using dive bombers. Specifically how to do manual dive bomber attacks. Now I would like to note that if you are not an experienced carrier player then I would recommend AGAINST doing manual dive bomber attacks. You will miss with them and you don’t get that much benefit from doing manual dive bomber drops over automatic drops. So only use this on a stationary target or if you’re confident in your abilities.

The aim of using dive bombers usually is not to deal direct damage. But the aim is to set the target on fire and cause lots of fire damage since fires can stack. So, how does it work? Manual dive bombing works a lot in a similar way to manual torpedo bombing, but there are some differences. You approach a ship from behind or front, hold the ALT key and click somewhere where the ship is going to be in a few seconds when your dive bombers get to that location. The key difference is that you approach from behind or the front, not from the side like with torpedo bombers, you have to get pretty close before you lock in your attack run and you can’t do steep turns right before getting to the target like you can with torpedo bombers at certain times. So, let’s look at an example. The plane is set to fly over the battleship, approaching from the front, the manual drop is locked in a bit in front of the ship.

The plane starts their attack run, bombs land and fires are started. Let’s watch it again and pause to go over the important details. First, the triangle under the plane indicates the direction the planes are heading, which has to line up with your approach vector like in a manual torpedo drop, the white circle is the point of no return where the attack run starts, the green oval near the battleship is the area where the bombs will land in and the waypoint behind the ship is where the current movement command is set to. You want the drop circle to line up with the ship since it’s an oval. The more of your drop circle is covered by a ship the higher the chance of getting hits. At the end of the day it is, it still has some RNG to it, so you can still miss. Another thing you need to pay attention to is where your movement waypoint is.

The issue is that if your movement waypoint is directly above where you want to do the drop, eg if it were here, then you cannot do a manual drop there because the game will not allow you to click to attack – it will select the waypoint marker and let you drag it around instead. This means that you should always set either the way point past the ship or before the ship. The same issue prevents you from doing tiny adjustments to a dive bomber’s attack location, so beware! If you want to do manual dive bombing with multiple dive bombers at once I heavily recommend stacking them. This is way more important than with torpedo bombers. If you don’t know how to effectively stack your air groups then you should watch my carrier basics guide. I would not recommend doing automatic drops on destroyers that are not stationary. Even then it is questionable. I personally rarely do manual drops onto cruisers, but it depends on the situation. I mainly do manual drops against battleships and carriers. And again, I only recommend doing this if you’re confident in your abilities or against stationary targets.

The risk is pretty big and the benefits are pretty mediocre. Anyways, if you want to see more videos like this then subscribe. And all questions are welcome in the comments and thanks for watching.

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