World of Warships Guide: Enabling Replays

Hello and welcome! Today we’ll be looking at how to enable replays in World of Warships. It’s really simple – you just have to add two lines to an XML file in the World of Warships folder. But still, this video is for those that might have trouble. First you navigate to your World of Warships folder. Open Explorer, Users. Oh and your World of Warships folder might elsewhere depending on where you installed it, but mine’s here. So this is the World of Warships folder. Here you’ll see a file called preferences.xml. Yours might just say preferences. So, you right click on it, go Open With, select notepad. And now you scroll to the very bottom.

You see this line here scriptsPreferences. Now you need to paste two lines in front of this or before this line. Those two lines are these two. I will add them into the video description as well. So, copy, paste. Now this should look like this. File -> Save. Now close notepad and now you should be able to. Now replays should save. A separate folder called replays will appear in this folder. Okay, so after doing that and playing a game now a “replays” folder has appeared inside my World of Warships folder.

Inside it you’ll see files with the .wowsreplay extension. These are World of Warships replay files. To play them back, go back to the folder you were in, right click, open in a new window. Now what you need to do is drag and drop this file onto the WorldOfWarships.exe file. Well, if you don’t have extensions then it’s just WorldOfWarships. Not the WoWSLauncher, but WorldOfWarships. So, drag and drop this on here. Now the game should load after a little while. And it’s loading the replay. And you can use a few hotkeys in it.

Page Up and Page Down increase and decrease playback speed. The Home key puts playback speed to normal. The End key is essentially a pause, but actually it’s just 100 times slower than usual, it’s not a real pause. And you can use the left mouse button to toggle between the recorded and free camera. Recorded camera means it follows what I was doing and free camera means you can look around yourself. The usual goodies like the cinematic camera also work. But you can only use them when you are in free camera mode. Now I would like to note that replays will only properly play back if the replay is on the same patch as your game client. If they are from different versions then often it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t load or the playback is faulty. Usually it shows in the fact that allied ships won’t be moving from their spawn. But still, it’s a pretty decent feature and I hope you enjoy using them. So anyways, if you liked the video then please subscribe and comment. If you have any questions then post them in the comment section or something like that and thanks for watching.

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