World Of Warships Guide to Dunkirk Scenario


4 Easy Steps to get 5 Stars on Dunkirk,

We won’t go into the mine fields, in these 4 easy steps, that should be a no brainer, and everyone knows to shoot the Schnell boats, so we will not hit on that subject here. As for torpedoes, we will avoid that subject too. I assume you know to work together with the smoke, therefore we won’t cover that. So without further preamble here are the 4 Easy Steps.

1. Stay together and with the convoy. You can not shoot enough planes down, if you are spread out.

2. Don’t go too far away from the group to recover castaways. If you follow step #1 you will not have to go to far and you will have less castaway’s to save anyway.

3. When the convoy is clearing the 2 mine fields, Save as many of our fighter planes as you can by getting to the C6 map coordinate.The surviving fighters take out a lot of the upcoming bombers.

4. Go drop off your passengers. If you followed steps 1, 2, and 3, enjoy your 5 stars.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!