World Of Warships MrDeaf’s very simply guide on learning effective tactics


Here, I will outline the basics of being effective, by learning off of what others are doing.


  1. Enable Replays
  2. Play WoWs
  3. Identifying effective tactics
  4. Incorporating said tactics into your own game-play
  5. Perfecting and Learning even more tactics

1. Enable Replays.
It’s very simple. Just follow the guide in the official link:
If you don’t have replays enabled, at the very least, record your game using OBS, or other similar game capture software.

2. Play WoWs
Probably the most difficult part of this. I highly recommend playing a variety of ships at a multitude of tiers.
The basics of gameplay are the same at any tier, but there will be minor differences between differing tiers, due to the way the armor, weapons and abilities improve in the ships.

I will stress the point of playing multiple ships types, because this is the easiest way to encounter a variety of tactics employed by a variety of ships. You are likely to suffer from many deaths, because you are your own lab rat.

Mistakes were made… but this is just a game, so you can learn from them

3. Identifying effective Tactics
This is actually very easy to identify, but you may get annoyed. The very simple matter of the fact is, if you are getting annoyed at what someone is doing to your ship, it’s very likely to be an effective game tactic.
Such tactics may not be immediately obvious from the perspective of a unicum replay or video footage, because such players can make it look easy by cherry picking the best examples. Rest assured, a majority of these tactics have their counter-play, but you may not always see it.

Every time you become annoyed at what the reds are doing, make a note of it and watch what is happening in the replay. If you are unsure what went wrong, don’t be afraid to ask the forums for knowledgeable advice, as there might be more than one tactic, a compounded tactic, at work. Replays or footage are a must.

For Example:

  • Atlanta firing from behind an island
  • Focus fire from different angles {aka: Crossfire}
  • Kiting reds across the map, especially with HE
  • Blindsided by torps
  • Blindsided by many Battleship AP shells
  • Radar caps from behind islands
  • etc.

Some crazy Ultra Unicum tactics being employed, but I can’t make heads or tails of how or why this works

4. Incorporating effective tactics into your own game-play
Now that you have identified some highly annoying tactics, try it out yourself. You may be surprised at the results.
The thing to realize here, is that a majority of these annoying tactics are only effective in certain situations. In other situations, they become completely useless. Other tactics might even have a perfect counter-play.

Wait, are you saying I can experiment on other people now? :evil laugh:

For example

  • Atlanta firing from behind an island is only effective when it squats in front of an advancing fleet, while also having the ideal island to shoot over
  • Focus fire and Crossfire can be avoided entirely by merely kiting
  • Kiting with HE only works when the reds give pursuit
  • Torps can be WASD most of the time
  • Make a note of your ship’s concealment range and mind the islands and your ship angle if you are spotted
  • Radaring caps from behind islands doesn’t allow you to join in with your guns, or be all that effective with your guns for the entire time you are setup
  • etc.

This will make a fine… wait, it’s already captioned!

5. Perfecting and Learning even more tactics
Perfecting some tactics might not be that easy. Some are more difficult to perfect than others, but don’t worry too much about perfecting them. The important bit is to identify when the tactic would be effective and attempting to use it.

As highlighted in (4), there are even perfect counter-plays to the tactics you have just learned.
Here, the game-play becomes a bit more advanced, so this may not seem immediately obvious, but this can be identified by your newly learned tactics being ineffective. The reds are not playing into your well crafted and well thought out plans.

Again, make a note of it, watch what is happening in the replay and try to copy what the reds were doing to outplay your hand. Again, if you are unsure of what happened, don’t be afraid to ask the forums, but do provide a replay.

Emotional roller-coaster ride when your newly learned tactics work and don’t work.

All in all, I think “Unicum” game play in WoWs is about how well various tactics and counter-plays the player is able to memorize and utilize to maximize the performance of their ships. Not playing into the hands of the reds is also very important, but I think this is more related to staying alive for longer in a match, rather than maximizing the effectiveness of the ship.

Good aim and prediction are also highly important to doing well, but I think good tactics plays a larger role in improving win rate and stats. Realistically, if your hit rate is equal to your opponent, the person in the better tactical position is going to win almost all the time.

This image really does surmise most Unicum level gameplay in randoms.
Reds get distracted by your team and then you blind side the reds with a devastating strike from stealth.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!