Wow Legion Vindicator Jaelaana – Army of the Light Vendor/Quartermaster Location

Vindicator Jaelaana is the Army of the Light Quartermaster. She is found on the Vindicaar on Argus. Right there next to a mailbox. To find her, you must first complete the introductory Argus quests with Prohphet Velen and Illidan which I’ll go over in just a bit. But please note that she doesn’t automatically appear here as soon as you reach the Vindicaar for the first time. The Army of the Light is a new faction added in Patch that offers a new reputation as well as armor and other rewards and Vindicator Jaelaana offers the usual assortment of gear, tabard, a new reusable rune called Lightforged Augment Rune that you get at exalted, a new shoulder enchant, and a Lightforged Warframe mount at exalted that will cost you around half a million gold.

She also sells a bunch of recipes and plans for your professions. So how do you get her to appear? You basically have to run through the introductory quests given to you when you land on Argus. They’re pretty straightforward, just complete all quests that are given to you. You’ll eventually meet with High Exarch Turalyon and have to complete a few more quests from him.

You head back to the Vindicaar, complete a quest to speak to some NPCs, then are sent back to Krokul Hovel. Reach the Shattered Fields where you’ll find an Army of the Light camp. Complete more quests there and Secure Light’s Judgement. Rejoin Turalyn and Aleria to secure the Xenedar. Teleport back to Vindicaar, turn in the quests and boom, there she will finally appear next to the mailbox. Hope this video was helpful, if you like it give it a thumbs up but more importantly if you like my channel please subscribe to show some support and I’ll see you guys in the next video!

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