Wow Legion Stranglekelp Farming (and How to Farm Underwater)

Hey there guys! This is Reckles with WTBgold and today we’ve got the third video in our Herbalism playlist, a quick guide for Stranglekelp farming in WoW. Now, the unique thing about this herb is that it’s not restricted to zones in a specific level range. It’s just seaweed, the Vanilla underwater herb. But, because it’s an underwater herb, it’s kind of annoying to farm. First, honorable mention to the area around scholomance. Tons of nodes in a really small area, really good density, but they don’t respawn very quickly. If you’re in the area, grab a few. The first actual route I recommend is our old favorite zone thousand needles. There’s five times more nodes here than anywhere else. So, from the top of the map, just keep your character headed southeast until you hit the end of the zone, and then turn around, swim through the deep sea treasure finder trench and head northwest.

If you’re trying to multitask with other professions, there’s sungrass along the perimeter of the zone, miners have mithril and truesilver in the water, skinners have turtle scales from the sunbathing tortises, and transmog farmers have a fantastic farm in the Den Whomper cave. I’ll put links to all those video in the description. Now, as far as results go, one lap will take you a full 20 minutes but you get 100 herbs, so it’s not too bad. It’s alright. You do need an underwater mount here, so if you don’t have one, go get one. The underlight angler is the best since it gives you 150% move speed and underwater breathing, druid flight form comes in second. It’s slower than the Underlight Angler, but it’s got the same effect. Gives you breathing. And then just the straight mounts, no underwater breathing…let’s see, there’s our old trusty Sea Turtles from fishing pools, you got the Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder from Conjurer Margoss.

There’s actually a new on on Argus called the Pond Nettle. That’s a 1 in 500 drop from just open water fishing in Argus. So, go get it. The Darkwater Skate from Darkmoon Faire, or you know, if you’re a baller, you can just use the Reins of Posiedus. Now if you’re using those you need to breath underwater. In order to do that, Warlocks can do it with a spell called unending breath. Other than that you can also get permanent underwater breathing from the Kalu’ak Fishing Pole or there’s a quest trinket called the Hook of the Master Angler, or you can use consumables like Noggenfogger Elixir, the Elixir of Greater Water Breathing. There’s a Draenic version. If you can’t get any of this stuff, do the first 5 quests in Thousand Needles to get a temporary diving helm.

And you’ll be fine. Now, to avoid all that, we’ll go to our second route. This one’s my favorite, and it’s cool because it’s the first big multizone route I’ve recommended on this channel. It’s also great if you just love flying around and enjoying the beauty of WoW. So, starting from Stormwind, fly along the coast of westfall all the way down to Booty bay and the little bottom tip of Stranglethorn Vale. Any time you fly over a node, just point your camera straight down and swim to it. These laps only took 10 minutes, about half the time of Thousand needles, and we got 60 herbs per lap, so it’s actually even better results. And one of the little added bonuses of this is that as you’re flying back up along the landed portion of Stranglethorn, and Duskwood, and Westfall, you’ll get a nice variety of other low level herbs like kingsblood, mageroyal, bruiseweed, all that good stuff.

So, that’s the guide though, thank you for watching. For addons, I’m using Farmhud for the map in the center of my screen. Gathermate2 shows you nodes on your map you’ve already gathered. Fasterloot let’s you loot things faster. And always remember to have a stack of darkmoon firewater on you at all times to really cut down that herbing cast rate. Have a great day, good luck, and happy goldmaking..

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