WoW Legion Ranged DPS Spec Legendaries in Patch 7.2.5

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a look at the new Spec legendaries coming to Ranged DPS specs in 7.2.5. Every single spec is getting a new spec-focused legendary in the upcoming patch, with the exception of Warlocks who have to share one. On top of the spec legendaries there’s new rings for each class too, which I’ll cover in their own video. Some of these new legendaries will find places in your sets as new bis legendaries, where others will probably remain untouched. Let’s take a look. Balance Druids can seek out Radiant Moonlight, a Legendary cloak with Haste and Mastery on it. Wearing Radiant Moonlight will cause your Full Moon to be Full Moon one more time before it resets to New Moon.

You’ll still need to mind the cooldown, but this means you can basically save up a double moon to dunk on something when you have cooldowns or a nice Concordance proc up. BM Hunters can look for Parsel’s Tongue, which is a pretty sweet Harry Potter reference if I ever saw one. It’s a legendary Chest with Mastery and Haste, which is a bit disappointing only because I wanted a helmet with an actual tongue coming out of it. Equipping Parsel’s Tongue causes your Cobra Shot to increase the damage done by you and your squad as well as your leech for 8 seconds, stacking up to 4 times. Your sneaky snakes are going to love it. Marksman Hunter get Celerity of the Windrunners, another Legendary Haste Mastery cloak. I really, really hope this turns out to be good so that people talk about it a lot and start calling it Celery.

Windy Celery has a pretty simple effect: wearing it causes your Windburst to grant you 15% haste for 6 seconds. That’s a lot of haste, but how long is six seconds, really. Frost Mages can search for the Shattered Fragments of Sindragosa, which is up there for number of syllables in a legendary name. You stick the shattered dragon bits on your Head, and they’ll give you some Crit and Haste.

While wearing it, casting 8 Frostbolts of Flurries will call down a Comet Storm on your target. The icy helmet sends a chill down the wearer’s spine, but as a frost mage I bet the cold never bothered you anyways. Fire Mages get a Contained Infernal Core, which you’d think you could just wander around a Legion invasion and grab. Similarly to the Frost legendary, it grants Crit and Haste. Instead of a Comet Storm, the Infernal Core calls down a Meteor at your target after every 10 Fireballs or Pyroblasts you cast. Arcane Mages get the Mantle of the First Kirin Tor. It still has the Crit Haste of the other two but the equip effect follows a different theme. Arcane Barrage has a 15% chance per Arcane Charge consumed to launch an Arcane Orb in front of you. Whereas the other Mage leggos had guaranteed results after a set number of casts, the Mantle of the First Kirin Tor is more of an RNG proc, that requires you to position carefully at all times.

Not great. Elemental Shamans can find the Smoldering Heart, which apparently is a pair of Haste Mastery Gloves. Your Earth Shock has a 20% chance and your Earthquake has a 10% chance to grant you Ascendance for 10 seconds. Regardless of whether or not that’s good, proccing mini Ascendances sounds super fun. All Warlock specs have to share with the Master Harvester. Each Soul Shard you spend has a set chance to grant you Soul Harvest for 8 seconds. I guess they’re trying to reinforce what a good idea removing Burning Embers was by giving Destro Locks more effects that have nothing to do with their class fantasy.

Who knows. Shadow Priest is my main class, my one and only, the spec closest to my heart. I saved it for last to really relish them ripping that heart right out. We’re getting Heart of the Void, which takes up your Chest tier slot and has more Crit than Haste. It causes your Void Eruption to deal increased damage and heal you for some of it’s damage done. Whoop de friggin do. It’s never going to be the right choice to hold onto a Void Eruption for a time when you’ll get more damage out of it, and even if that was the right choice having to sit on capped insanity would suck. This is some dumpster fire trash but at least I don’t have to worry about when I get it to drop.

So, those are the new spec-specific legendaries for Ranged DPS specs! I’ll be covering the new legendaries for melee dps, tanks and healers as well as the new class rings in more videos. Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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