Wow Legion Priest Artifact Traits and Appearances in Patch 7.2

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a look at the updates coming to the Priest Artifacts in the upcoming patch 7.2. is expanding our artifacts with new research, new traits and a new set of apperances. In this video, I’m going to take a look at each of the three Priest artifact weapons to see their new traits and challenge appearances. Every artifact weapon for all classes has the same 50-point paragon trait in 7.2, Concordance of Legionfall. This is what you dump AP into after you’ve got everything else. It gives your abilities a chance to proc bonus main stat for 10 seconds, with higher points meaning a bigger stat proc. On top of that, there are three cool new traits and one generic one that are specific to each artifact. Let’s take a look. Holy Priests will empower their Beacon of the Naaru with Light of the Conclave, buffing their healing, stamina and damage by 10%. Next, you put four points into Caress of the Naaru to increase the Light of T’uure healing bonus by 20%. Times and Measures is a single point trait that gives you a chance to have your Desperate Prayer cooldown reset when you take damage. More damage taken has a higher chance to reset the cooldown.

Last, Cosmic Ripple will make you emit a burst of group-healing Light whenever your Holy Word heals finish their cooldown. This is the first time I’ve seen an effect when a spell comes off cooldown, and I think it’s a fun concept. I can totally see a high pressure sitation where you really need that Serenity, it barely comes off cooldown in time and you explode in light as you valiantly save the day. Anyways, the Holy Priest challenge apperance is called Memory of Argus.

The flaming spectral feathers are a really nice touch. Discipline Priests start off with Will of the Conclave, which is pretty much just like Light of the Conclave except you also get an extra 10% to your absorbs. From there, you put four points into Lenience’s Reward to reduce damage taken on your targets with Atonement by a TOTAL of 2%. Tyranny of Pain causes Pain Suppression to heal the target for 33% of their damage taken during Pain Supp. If people STILL don’t swap off the Pain Supp target in arena with that, I don’t know what to tell ’em.

The new Golden Dragon trait for Disc is Aegis of Wrath, buffing the absorb of your Power Word Shield by 50%. However, the target will take 3% of their current shield amount as damage every second so it should bleed itself down at least a little bit. The challenge appearance for Light’s Wrath is called Ascended Watch, and it looks like this. Your staff gets WINGS. Who doesn’t love a good set of wings? Shadow Priests start with Darkness of the Conclave, giving them 10% damage and stamina. Their four point trait is Fiending Dark, increaseing the duration of their Shadowfiend or Mindbender. Mind Quickening causes your Void Torrent to grant 800 haste to you and 4 of your allies for 15 seconds, which seems huge. I mean, that comes up every minute. Finally, Lash of Insanity lets your Void Tendrils generate Insanity for you. That doesn’t really seem cool enough to be a golden dragon trait, but I’ll take what I can get. The Shadow Challenge Apperance is called Twisted Reflection. The effect looks a little wack on the model viewer, but it should be nice and flashy. In total, you’ll be able to empower your artifact up to 92 traits, which takes over 81 trillion artifact power.

To make that a little bit less insane, you’ll be able to collect artifact research up to a new level of 50 for a 55.2million percent increase of AP gains. A big part of that AP grind is loaded at the back, so the gap between players should be tighter than before. For anyone who’s played a lot of Pokemon Go, it’s being structured like the Experience requirements past level 30 in that game.

Artifact Power that you’ve put into your old stacking trait will be refunded, so depending on how close to 54 you were you’ll get a head start on the new traits right away. So, those are the new traits and appearances for Priest artifacts! Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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