Wow Legion New Transmog in Patch 7.2.5

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a look at the new transmog sets you can collect in WoW in patch 7.2.5. If you are a fashion-focused adventurer there are a couple of things you’ll want to add to your to-do list after the patch. First stop is the Chromie Scenario. Successfully completing the Chromie scenario in one attempt, which will take you quite some time to work up to, will reward you with a special transmog set.

There’s one set for each armor type. It’s not clear whether you’ll unlock all of them on your first success- I think it’s more likely that you only get the set for your current armor type. The cloth set is called Chronoscryer’s Finery, and it looks like this. It’s based off of an existing Northrend cloth set, although I do think it looks stunning in these colors. The leather set is called the Riftscarred Vestments, and it’s also based off a Northrend set. The fur and spikes is very much a questing gear look in my opinion. Nothing about this really screams ‘Time Lord’ to me. The Mail set is called the Epoch Sentinel’s Mail, and it’s based on the tough to get Mistshroud set look. I love a good assymetrical set, but when the only thing that’s assymetrical is one missing shoulder it looks like you just rushed out the door with some toast in your mouth. That shoulder might look good mixed and matched with other gear. The Plate set is based off the Sorrow Plate gear, and if the last two weren’t Bronze Dragony enough for you this ought to make up for it.

You literally have bronze colored dragon heads on each shoulder. The helmet doesn’t really do much for me but who wants to wear a helmet anyways. It’s summer and there’s demons raining fire everywhere and that’s just going to get sweaty. The Trial of Style is your other major source of mog in 7.2.5. It’s a five day event that is NOT on the weekly rotation so it’s hard to say when you’ll be able to get started.

Competing in the event will earn you Mog Tokens, and winning will earn you even more. Collect 60 Mog tokens to purchase a set from a Transmogrifier NPC in major cities. Right now there are only four sets- one for each armor type. I sincerely hope they keep adding more in future patches or else the Trial is going to be a bit of a one-season wonder. The Cloth set is called Mana Etched Regalia, and it looks like this. These appearances are already in the game, this is just a potentially quicker way to collect them. If you want collect this set the old fashioned way, you’ll need to trek through Heroic Burning Crusade Dungeons. The Halo has long been a favourite accessory of mine and it’s great for mixing and matching. The Leather set is called Obsidian Prowler’s Garb, and it’s the golden recolor of the Rogue Tier 1 set Nightslayer Armor.

The original pieces of this particular recolor drop from Normal and Heroic BC dungeons. The Mail set is the Der’izu Armor. This is the same as the recolor of the Marshkeeper Mail, which is a set of green quality world drop gear. These are some very 2007-looking digs and I’m kind of disappointed that they didn’t even retexture them for the Trial of Style. The Plate set is called Righteous Battleplate. This is another BC Dungeon set appearance, this time in a lovely silver with gold trim. Last, for One Mog Token if you’be earned the achievement Stylish! For winning the competition, you can purchase a Fashionable Undershirt. How fashionable this is is really a matter of opinion but it looks like a pretty dingy old shirt to me.

I dearly hope they keep adding new sets in exchange for Mog Tokens. Or maybe like, special shirts that you can dye different colors. You can make us grind each shirt dye individually, we’ll do it. In the recent Dev Q&A they explained that they originally imagined the Trial of Style as a micro holiday and want it to feel skippable, so that’s the reasoning for no exclusive goodies. They also implied that they will be adding more appearances to it as time goes on, so fingers crossed that that turns out to be sooner rather than later. While they’re not technically new to 7.2.5, the Tier 20 appearances from Tomb of Sargeras will also become available when the raid opens.

You can check out what your tier set looks like at the very top of your Sets tab in the collections UI. Don’t forget to use the drop down tab to look through the LFR and Mythic appearrances, too. So, those are the transmog sets coming to WoW in Patch 7.2.5! Even if the Trial of Style sets aren’t new I’m still dying to get in there and start showing off my best sets after the patch. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, please consider leaving a like if you liked it and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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