Wow Legion New Paladin Legendary – The Topless Tower & Soul of the Highlord – PTR Patch 7.2.5

Hey everyone. There’s a new build that was just added to the PTR for Patch 7.and I wanted to update you on some new Paladin specific changes. 2 new Legendary items have been added to this PTR build. This includes a holy paladin plate helm, as well as legendary ring that will give you a talent based on your spec. Let’s take a closer look at them! The Topless Tower, I know, funny name, is a plate helm with +2,382 Strength or Intellect, +3,573 Stamina, +980 Critical Strike and +735 Mastery at ilevel 910. I’m sure these stats will change at 940 and higher. It’s got a large, golden wingspan that looks pretty very paladin-esque. The equip bonus is that Holy Shock has a chance to grant you Avenging Wrath for until cancelled. There’s not a lot of information on this legendary right now, but it looks really cool. I went through some forums and other people were unsure of what “grant you Avenging Wrath for until cancelled” means.

I discovered that “Lasts until cancelled” is the language tooltips default to when they can’t provide a duration value. So, this tooltip is either bugged or still a work in progress. My guess is that it’s still a work in progress seeing as I wasn’t able to purchase it from the Legendary vendor on the PTR. Regardless, this is an exciting new prospect. Another person on the forums mentioned that this could be Blizzard’s way of trying to fix shockadin spec since they nerfed it. What are your thoughts on this? The 2nd new legendary added to this PTR is a ring called Soul of the Highlord. It has +2,010 Stamina, +267 Critical Strike, +267 Haste, +267 Mastery, a Prismatic Socket and for equip you gain one of the following talents based on your specialization: For Holy: Divine Purpose, for Protection: Holy Shield and for Retribution: Divine Purpose. And again, I’m sure these stats will change as the item level of this legendary gets higher. There is some speculation that these new ring legendaries will come from some sort of completion of a quest chain from your Class Hall but nothing has been confirmed yet.

It will definitely add a lot of RNG to fights, especially for Retribution paladins seeing as Divine Purpose enables more damage but is RNG based. To refresh for Retribution, Divine Purpose gives your Holy Power spending abilities a 20% chance to make your next Holy Power spending ability free. The Holy version of Divine Purpose is Light of Dawn and Holy Shock have a 15% chance to not start their cooldown, and make their next cast free. And as for Protection, Holy Shield shield Increases your block chance by 15%, allows you to block spells, and your successful blocks deal Holy damage to your attacker. So that’s all of the info I have right now with these new legendaries. As always, these are subject to change and since they are still so new at this point, there’s a big possibility that they will be updated as time goes on. If anything, I’ll be sure to put any updates in the comments or description of this video to avoid confusion. What do you guys think of these legendaries? Would you use them and if so, which legendary would you replace with them? If you like this video, give it a thumbs up or please subscribe to my channel to show support.

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you guys next time!.

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