WoW Legion Nameless Mystic Pet Battle – Illidari Masters – New Broken Shore

There’s a new pet battle on the Broken Shore against a Nameless Mystic. It’s a pretty straightforward battle if you have the following pets: Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling with Breath & Decoy Level Pet Pandaren Water Spirit (or any pet with Water Jet & Dive) Essentially all you need to do is cast Decoy on cooldown and just use Breath in between. Your Dragonling should kill the first 2 pets this way. After it dies, bring in your level pet, but swap it out right away to your 3rd pet. Then, I simply cast Dive on cooldown and Water Jet in between. This should grant you a quick and easy victory.

Good luck and let me know if this strat worked for you guys. As always feel free to subscribe to my channel for more Legion and Paladin related videos. Thanks and see you next time!.

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