WoW Legion Mistress Sassz’ine in Tomb of Sargeras – Heroic/Normal Mistress Sassz’ine ToS Boss Guide

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to Normal and Heroic difficulty Mistress Sassz’ine in the Tomb of Sargeras. She’s a fishy lady with a bunch of fishy friends, and she represents a pretty big difficulty jump in the raid. This is a three-phase fight. If you have a cleave spec or aoe legendary or multi target equipment set, now’s the time to whip it out. Hydra Shot will happen throughout the whole fight. She’ll mark players with an arrow, and they’ll have this lime green hose connecting them to the boss. Players need to get into that line between the marked player and the boss to help soak the Hydra Shot damage. On Normal you’ll get one Shot at a time, but Heroic will see several. If you manage to eat more than one Hydra Shot at once, you will be stunned so don’t be that guy. Players with Hydra Shot need to spread apart and away from the boss to make room, then stand still so people can get in. Burden of Pain is the tank swap mechanic. She’ll put Burden of Pain on a tank, which gives them a bit dot and causes them to share all of their physical damage taken with the whole raid.

The other tank needs to take the boss RIGHT AWAY when that goes out so your raid doesn’t get cleaved down. This will continue throughout the fight. From the Abyss summons eels. Everyone loves a good eel. They spawn three at a time, and they do Shadow Damage rather than Physical so it’s cool for the Burden of Pain tank to take them.

When they die, they drop goo. Don’t stand in the goo, but you’ll need it later so it’s totally fine to kill the eels in the middle. Your raid leader may call for more or less damage on the eels to try and time their deaths to make sure that you have the goo when you need it. .So Hydra Shot, Burden of Pain and Eels will happen through the whole fight.

The next three abilities are specific to Phase 1. Slicing Tornadoes will come across the arena, and these are NOT good for your skin. The Eel goo from before will remove tornadoes, so watch where they’re coming from and position yourself behind the goo to pass through the gap. If there’s no goo you’re going to need some cooldowns and probably better planning. Consuming Hunger summons a murloc who hops on your back for hugs. He’s kinda toothy, so he’ll do damage for as long as he’s attached. On Normal, he’ll fall off after a bit and need to be cleaved down with the other adds. On Heroic, he’s stuck up there until you zap him off with a Jellyfish.

Thundering Shock is what summons the Jellyfish. They’re giant and obvious and have a big blue ring around them. After a few seconds, they’ll stun everyone in their circle with a Thundering Shock. On Normal, never stand in these. On Heroic, never stand in these UNLESS you have a Consumin Hunger murloc. If you currently have Consuming Hunger, you can stand in the Jelly, the shock will remove your murloc and healers can then dispel your stun.

Murlocs, Tornadoes and Jellyfish will continue until Mistress Sassz’ine reaches 70% health. Then, those three take a break and it’s time for Phase 2. In Phase 2, she’s bringing out the big fish. Devouring Maw will suck players across the room. Ink will be falling in purple globs throughout this whole phase. You need to pick up an ink by running over it and run it into the outer circle to feed it to the fishy. After he eats three, he gets grossed out and leaves for a bit to go brush his teeth. Be careful not to run all the way into the devouring maw- that’s a good way to get eaten and you will die. Crashing Wave will cover a wide middle strip of the room with a crashing wave.

Get to the edges to dodge the big fish and then carry on. When the boss reaches 40% health, Phase 3 starts. This phase can be summed up as All of the Above. This is a good time to use Lust or Heroism, second pots, cooldowns and finish the fight before you get overwhelmed. You’ll have to deal with every single ability so the key is to stay calm, do the mechanics and finish the fight. \So, that’s Mistress Sassz’ine ! This lady is MEAN so don’t get discouraged if she takes longer than expected. Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more Tomb of Sargeras guides, please consider leaving a like if you liked it and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

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