WoW Legion Gold Farming Guide – How to Make Millions of Gold

In this video, I want to go a little deeper into auction house flipping, and hopefully help clear up some of the questions I get asked. First, there’s item tooltips with pricing information. I use Tradeskillmaster, and it’s very easy to set up. Google search curse tradeskillmaster, and download the main addons that are required to run it. Next go to tradeskillmaster.com and make an account. Download and run the desktop application program, and then go back on tradeskillmaster.com to select which realms you want it to update information for. One thing you can do with this tooltip information, is flip champion’s honor, medallion of the legion, and elixir of the rapid mind. The Market Value part of the tooltip is useful here. It’s important to know where an item comes from, and understand what gives it value, and why people buy them. Elixir of the rapid mind, for example, gives 300% experience for 15 minutes, and comes from a garrison mission that doesn’t appear very often.

This means the elixirs currently listed can fluctuate a lot in price, as people sometimes buy them 10 or so at a time, but the average price usually stays about the same. So say the average market value price is 6900 gold. It can be profitable to make a notification roughly 600 to 800 gold below this price, and set it to notify when about 3-6 of these potions go below the specified price. Then relist the items for the average selling price, or maybe a little higher. Another way to get elixir of the rapid mind to show up when it’s currently priced low, is putting it on an auctioneer snatch list. Every time you fast-scan the auction house, any of the items below your set margin will show up on the snatch list. Other questions I get are often about item lists. I don’t know how to import item lists into the mods I use, and I’ve actually gotten to where I’d rather make my own lists.

Searching items on wowhead, for example, helps me understand why an item is valuable, rather than blindly following someone else’s lists and margins. I do, however, like using guidelines. The wowpets website, which I put in the comments, is an excellent resource for battle pet values. Also, if I’m looking for more item flipping ideas, I just search the auction house starting with the most valuable items. The tradeskillmaster tooltip information is very helpful here as well.

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