Wow Legion Desolate Host / Soul Engine in Tomb of Sargeras – Heroic/Normal Desolate Host ToS Boss Guide

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to Normal and Heroic difficulty Desolate Host in the Tomb of Sargeras. The Desolate Host is actually trapped inside this big angry soul engine thing, which you’ll be facing for most of the fight. This encounter happens in two different instances of the room at once, with communication between both sides being the key to victory. Before you start, the raid should be split evenly into an up and a down group. Classes with short cooldown interrupts should be prioritized for going down. The Down Group needs to click these Spirit Fonts in order to phase into the Spirit Realm. If you need to switch realms at any point, click once on the nearest spirit font. Soulbind will mark a player from each realm with Soulbind, which does big pulsing AOE shadow damage.

To remove the debuff, those two players need to move within five yards of each other while being in their separate realms. It’s a good idea to have a marked meeting point to go to when you have soulbind to make it easier to find your buddy. That way the rest of the raid can stay clear of your damage and you can get Soulbind off quickly. The Corporeal, or ‘Up’ Realm will be fighting the Soul Engine, which shares health with the Soul Queen down below.

The Soul Engine will cast Bone Shards on his tank, or highest threat target. The tank will need to keep aggro to make sure that they get the Bone Shards, and use some physical mitigation to keep it under control. Collapsing Fissures are big, long-lasting zones of shadow damage that will spawn on random ranged up top. Ranged should stand far away from anywhere important, such as melee. The Fissures will damage players in both realms, and they’ll be a little harder to see in the Spirit Realm so try to not stack on top of your spirity friends. Tormenting Cries is a minute long channel that happens infrequently throughout the fight. While the soul engine is channeling, individual players will get a 5 second Tormented Cries debuff. When that expires, they drop a Shadow Wedge underneath them that affects players in both realms. The idea is to clump those up on one side of the room to keep them away from the Spirit Realm people, and get them as tightly together as you can.

If you drop a wedge while you’re already standing in a wedge you’ll take huge damage, so don’t try to stack them unless you have an immunity such as Ice Block or Divine Shield. In the Up Realm, you’ll start with three adds and they’ll respawn periodically. These are a higher priority than the boss and should be focused down first. The Reanimated Templar will cast Rupturing Slam, causing these three fel waves to whoosh out from him.

Those will hurt and knockback players in either realm, so it’s important to watch for them when the add is up. The Ghastly Bonewardens will cast Grasping Darkness, bouncing shadow damage around to players within 5 yards of each other. While these adds are up, stay spread at least 5 yards away from other players to minimize that damage. Meanwhile, the other half of your raid will be fighting Soul Queen Dejahna and her adds in the Spirit Realm.

Like in the upper realm, adds have priority over boss and should be focused down first. Soul Residue adds will fixate random players and move towards them. They leave icky green Soul Rot behind them as they move, so they should be slowed or stunned as much as possible and killed ASAP. That rot will damage players in both realms. When the adds die, they explode with Soul Eruption, which is a big 5 yard aoe burst. Don’t be in that. Fallen Priestess adds need to be tanked. They’ll apply Spirit Chains debuffs to players, slowing them down and stopping them from using Spirit Fonts. That is dispellable and healers should take care of it whenever they can. The Priestess also channel Shattering Scream, which does damage and slows you with a stacking debuff over about eight seconds. If she gets the whole cast off, the player will explode with AOE damage. Shattering Scream is kickable and USUALLY should be kicked right away. On Heroic difficulty only, you’ll sometimes need that Shattering Scream explosion to deal with a mechanic so listen to your raid lead regarding kicks on heroic.

On Normal, kick away. The Soul Queen will cast Crush Mind on her tank, which does a good amount of Magic Damage and stacks. That can and needs to be kicked. It’s best to have classes with short-cooldown interrupts such as melee in the Spirit Realm to help manage the Crush Mind kicks. If the stacks get really high, the Spirit Tank can come up during Wailing Souls and take the Soul Engine, while the top tank goes down to the bottom.

Wailing Souls is a minute long channel that the Soul Queen will do now and then. It does damage to everyone in the spirit realm every two seconds, and adds will stop spawning. Once the existing adds are cleaned up, one tank should stay with a healer and everyone else can go wait in the up phase to avoid taking extra damage. At 30% health, Phase 2 will start. In both realms, it’s important to try and kill any leftover adds before pushing the boss into Phase 2. The Soul Engine will cough up a Desolate Host, which exists in both realms. It’ll alternate between casting Sundering Doom and Doomed Sundering. For Sundering Doom, the Up realm needs to stack in the circle while the Down Group needs to get away from the Swirl under the boss.

For Doomed Sundering, the Up realm gets away while the Down realm stacks in. You’ll be moving in and out like this until the end of the fight. If you’re confused about whether you’re heading in or out, either listen to your DBM or look under the boss. If it’s a circle, get in. If it’s a filled Swirl, get out. If you stay in when you’re supposed to be out you’re going to die so keep your wits about you and pay attention.

While all this is going on the Soul Engine and Soul Queen will still be doing their Crush Mind and Bone Shards. so tanks need to stay with them until they go down. On Normal, that’s the whole fight. On LFR, you don’t even get that second phase with the Host so it’s even easier. But on Heroic, things go to a whole new level. On Heroic difficulty, you’ll have to deal with Dissonance throughout the whole fight. All adds and players will periodically deal damage to players in the opposing realm within 8 yards, so stepping on your spirit friends becomes a huge No No.

The raid should assign sides of the room to the up and down phase to avoid taking extra damage from Dissonance. We have Up people on the right and Down people on the left. Spear of Anguish comes into play for raiders in the upper realm. After 6 seconds, it bursts with damage, knocks you back and kicks you down unto the spirit realm with a big healing absorb shield. Anyone within 5 yards when it goes off will get the same treatment so take Spears safely away from other players. That knockback can and will take you off the back edge of the room if you’re too close, so be mindful to stay away from the edge. When you get down into the Spirit Realm, head into range of their healers so they can take your debuff off. Once you’re clear, you can click the Font to go back up and resume the fight. In the Spirit Realm, players will have to deal with Wither. It’s a 1 minute DoT to deal with, and increases your damage taken from Wailing Souls by 100%. If you have Wither you absolutely must get out of the Spirit Realm during Wailing Souls, even if you’re a healer or the adds aren’t dead yet.

If needed, you can ask someone up top to go down and replace you. Bonecage Armor is new in Heroic, and it’s probably the toughest thing to coordinate. When the adds up top reach 50% health, they’ll gain Bonecage Armor which makes them more or less immune. They keep that until being struck by the Shattering Scream explosion AOE from the other side. When Bonecage Armor goes up, the adds need to go somewhat near the adds down below. Over in the Spirit Realm, you need to let the Fallen Priestess add finish her cast of Shattering Scream. The player with the Scream should stack over where the upstairs adds are so that they hit them with their explosion. If there are no Fallen Priestesses, you need to just hang onto the upstairs adds, keep dodging rupturing slam and wait.

Coordinating Screams for Bonecage Armor requires good communication between the up and down groups in order to take off the buff and kill the adds. So, that’s Desolate Host! It sounds like a zillion mechanics but at any given time you’re only going to have a couple to deal with, so it’s not hard once you get the hang of it. Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more Tomb of Sargeras guides, please consider leaving a like if you liked it and have a wonderful, wonderful day.


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