Wow Legion Baneglow Guide and Family Fighter Strategies

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is your guide to the Baneglow pet battle on Argus. I’m going to start with a quick easy team for just doing the world quest. Then, I’ll show you strategies for every single pet family for progress on the Family Fighter achievement. Baneglow lives here on Krokuun. These things really look like they should be under the sea but they just insist on being flying-type.

First up, the fastest strategy for when you just wanna get your World Quest done and go. This also doubles as the Dragonkin strat. Grab yourself a high attack Nexus Whelpling or your Stormborne Whelpling with Arcane Storm and Mana Surge. Get into battle, use Arcane Storm, use Mana Surge. That’s about itI had a Stormborne Whelp and a Chrominius all ready to go but as it turns out they weren’t really needed. If you run the Stormborne first or a non attack breed Nexus whelp, you might need one more smack. Next up is Aquatic. I’ve got Gahz’rooki with Swallow you Whole and Geyser, a Hydraling with Swallow and Shell Armor and a Moonshell Crab with Arcane Slash and Moon Tears. Start with Gah’zrooki and use Geyser, then spam Swallow you Whole until you die. Bring out the Hydraling, set up Shell Armor and go back to spamming Swallow you Whole. To clean things up, the Moonshell crab can bust out a couple of Arcane Slashes, or a Moon Tears to set up the Arcane Slash if you’re not that close. You could also run the crab first, go Moon Tears into Arcane Slash spam and then by the time you’re down to your Hyrdaling Swallow You Whole should be close to getting bonus damage.

Either way. Next we have Critters. Get yourself some snails and set them all up with Ooze Touch and Acidic Goo. Start the fight, and use Acidic Goo. Ooze Touch three times, then Acidic Goo again. Keep that up until the end of time. I actually only needed two snails so if you’re experiencing a snail shortage don’t feel pressured to go get a third one. Next is Elemental. I’m using an Ashstone Core with Feedback and Crystal Prison, and then Tainted and Fetid Wavelings with Corrosion and Ooze Touch. Start with the Core, use Crystal Prison and then you should be able to Feedback about five times before you die. Bring out a Waveling, apply Corrosion and then Ooze Touch into it. He’s almost done by the time we get to our second Waveling so one more Ooze Touch finishes the job. Next is Humanoids, and Christmas is coming to Argus.

I’m using a Father Winter’s Helper, Winter’s Little Helper and a Grumpling all with Snowball and Gift of Winter’s Veil. Use Gift of Winter’s Veil on cooldown and then spend the rest of your life spamming Snowball. I figured Eggnog would be really good because it clears all those Spores debuffs but as it turns out it’s not super worth the turn it takes to use it. It’s time for Mechanicals. I’m using my shiny new Pocket Cannon with Arcane Shot, a Sunreaver Micro Sentry with Laser and a Rascal Bot with Phaser. Rascal Bot doesn’t see battle but if you’re missing either of the first two he might come in handy. So, we basically press Arcane Shot six times for a total of three shots. Then I bring forth the Micro Sentry and two good Lasers wraps it up.

Next up is Beasts. I’m using Moon Moon with Moon Tears, Howl and Moon Fang, a Feline Familiar with Prowl and Onyx Bite and in the third slot I picked up Ash’ana with Moonfire just in case. Moon Moon’s pretty much got this so don’t worry overly much about the second too. Start up the fight and lay down Moon Tears, then Howl, then spam Moon Fang. Moon Moon’s a very good boi and his damage really comes in once his racial is up so that’s all it takes. Next we have Flying. I’m using an Ikky with Savage Talon, Black Claw and flock. For backup I picked two Nether Rays with Arcane Blast we won’t really need them. Use Black Claw, then Flock and watch Ikky do his thing. Finish it off with a Savage Talon and that’s that. For Magic I’m using an Empowered Manafiend and then two other pets that won’t matter. Set his moves to Arcane Blast, Surge of Power and Arcane Storm. Use Arcane Storm, press Arcane Blast a few times and then bust out the Surge of Power as soon as he’s low enough health to die to it.

Remember that Boss Pets take half damage so keep that in mind when you do your death beam math. Here I just need him at 669 health or lower. Last, we’re doing Undead. I have my Unborn Val’kyr with Shadow slash, Curse of Darkness and Unholy Ascenscion. Second is my Fragment of Anger with Soulrush and Spiritfire Bolt. The other Fragment pets are fine too, just run soulrush and magic damage. Start with the Val’kyr and use Curse of Doom. Get a good five shadow shocks in, then Reapply Curse of Doom if you can and use unholy ascenscion on your immunity round. On your fragment, use Soulrush and then spam Spiritfire Bolt. So, that’s Family Fighter for Baneglow! Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe for the rest of the Family Fighter guides and other super cool WoW videos. Let me know what you think, share your own strategies and substitutions in the comments if you like and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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