WoW Legion Auction House Gold Guide – TSM Sniper – Set Up Custom Price String Setting

I think it’s fair to say the TradeSkillMaster addon is currently the most impressive and streamlined auction house addon currently available. Unfortunately for me, I’ve been too lazy to learn how to use all of its functions properly. I do, however, enjoy the item price tooltips, and also sniping. Sniping, is repeatedly searching the last page of the auction-house, where new items are being listed. This means if you list an item way too low, you should cancel the auction very quickly, otherwise a sniper may grab it.

High population servers will have more frequent items to snipe, but you’ll likely find yourself competing with other snipers. I personally don’t competitvely snipe, but if this interests you, you may want to use the tradeskillmaster macro options to instantly buyout items. You can also set up a large list of items to snipe within. This can be time-consuming, but, is useful for screening out items that don’t actually sell. More information on this will be in the comments. Alternatively, if you want to casually snipe while reading or watching something, I recommend a medium to low population server. In tradeskillmaster, I go to options and then shopping. Select a notification sound, and then enter a command. The command I use will be in the comments. You can adjust the percentages and gold amount to your preferences, or, use a different command. Using a command instead of a list to snipe, will generate a lot of false positives, such as draenor items that used to be worth more, but have fallen in value. This doesn’t bother me too much, as I’ve memorized most item and pet values, but, bad results popping up will probably annoy some people. Whichever way you do choose to snipe, or not snipe, I hope this video was helpful in some way.

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