WoW Legion 5 Gold Making Tips for 7.2.5

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a quick look at five ways that Patch 7.might change the gold-making landscape in WoW. Every patch mixes it up in the Auction House at least a bit, and even though 7.is a minor patch it should still give things a nice little shake. As a gold-making tycoon, here’s what to keep your eye on in 7.2.5. 5) Obliterum. The max upgraded item level of Crafted gear is increasing to 885, up from 875. This is very likely to cause at least a medium-sized spike in Obliterum price. Consider stocking up on Obliterum Ash and Bloods of Sargeras, or even buying a couple of Obliterum to flip.

I would not invest heavily in this, though- 885 isn’t much better than the readily available relinquished gear, and Tomb gear is going to make it look a little bit dinky. 4) Transmog for the Trial of Style Premiere. When the Trial of Style event comes around, key transmog items may go up in price as people scramble to dress up and show off. Trial of Style won’t be right away, but building up a mog inventory couldn’t hurt. You could check out the contest themes and try to predict the popular items, but I think you’re better off just picking up a wide range. Classic and Burning Crusade boes are always a hit, so running those instances now could pay off later.

3) New Cageable Battle Pets: There are ten new pets coming in the patch, and at least four of them are going to be cageable. If you have a rogue, consider farming the Sneaky Marmot and Dig Rat early to get some gold out of the pet collectors. Or, if you’re not into the pickpocketing thing, dive right into the Chromie Scenario to try and farm the two drake pets. You can get a Bronze Proto Whelp or Ageless Bronze Drake as drops from the Time Lost Wallets in the scenario, and both are cageable. If you’re really planning ahead, stock up on Pet Charms so you can buy them an Ultimate Battle Training Stone before you sell. A fully leveled, brand new pet should go for a very healthy price. 2) Crafted Raid Consumables. Tomb of Sargeras is opening on June 20th, and with any new raid there’s gold to be made off those eager raiders.

Stock up on feasts, flasks and potions to flip or craft them yourself. If you want to go even simpler, farm up the key materials that are used in crafting the popular raid consumables. Bacon is a big one, and major herbs like Foxflower and Fjarnskaggle should go up too. 1) Augment Runes. This is a similar thing to the crafted consumables, but Augment Runes are especially key with a new progression race. Flasks and food will be pretty steady, but Augment Runes are in higher demand in the first weeks. During progression, raiders munch these like popcorn. Depending on how big and competitive your server is, you may or may not want to hold out for the Mythic Tomb opening on June 27th.

If you’ve got some Augment Runes stacked up from the Broken Shore building buff, the 20th and the 27th will be the days to drop them. So, that’s what I’ll have my eye on for gold making in 7.2.5! Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, please consider subscribing for more WoW videos and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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