WoW Addons –  Top 7 Basic User Interface Addons in Legion

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a look at my personal top 7 favourite User Interface addons that I’m using in Legion. These modify basic features of Wow to make them cleaner, easier to use or more informative. #7: Gnosis. This is my cast bar addon. If you play a spell class and you’re looking for an upgrade from the default cast bar, this is it. The main thing I love about Gnosis is that is shows me where the damage ticks are in my Mind Flay channel. If I need to cancel my Mind Flay, I can time it right after one of those ticks so I’m not wasting channel time.

It also shows you your current casting latency. Gnosis has a metric ton of options, and you can configure it to show you exactly what you want. Edit the postion, size, colors, font and text for all cast bars or individually for player, mirror, vehicle and target cast bars. The options can be a bit overwhelming at first so I recommend starting with just the Bar Size and position. If you don’t play a caster or you’re happy with the default Cast Bar, I wouldn’t call this Mandatory.

If you want more cast bar options, though, Gnosis has got you covered. I’ve been using it for years and it has been perfect. #6: PetJournal Enhanced. If you don’t care about pets, you can just skip ahead to number 5. If you do any pet collecting at all, though, PetJournal enhanced is a gift from the Pet heavens. It color codes your pets in the list by rarity, and gives you a ton of filtering options. Want to see which Flying type pets of yours have Aquatic type abilities? You can do that. PetJournal Enhanced has definitely spoiled me and I don’t like using my pet journal without it.

It makes me cranky. Nobody likes Cranky Hazel. #5: Shadowed Unit Frames. I’ve tried a couple of different unit frame addons in my WoW Career, and Shadowed Unit Frames has absolutely won that battle. I use this specifically on my raiding character. It’s fantastic for showing me exactly what I want to see with my unit frames. Shadowed is another one of those addons with a million options, so if you dedicate the time to sit down and set it up you can get it exactly how you want. The biggest thing about this one for me is having customizable boss frames to help me keep track of multi-dotting on fights like Botanist and Gul’dan.

With customizable text, you can have your unit frames tell you everything from health percentage to group number and back. #4: Kui Nameplates. This is a territory that for a very long time was owned by Tidyplates for me. However, one day back in WoD tidyplates let me down and Kui has had my heart ever since. There’s something magical about class coloured nameplates, choosing the perfect size and font and watching it all come together in a glorious raid battle.

They have customizable auras, too, so you can track your dots and debuffs right above the nameplates. #3: Map Coords. For years, I’d look up directions on WoWhead and have them tell me to go to 44, 28. Dejectedly, I’d scroll for that one golden comment that tries to describe it with landmarks. Go behind the waterfall, follow the cliff to the right and jump down after the crumbling bridge. Aim for the third lowercase e of a town name. Eventually, I got lost ONE too many times and downloaded MapCoords. I should have done it waaaay earlier. I thought coordinates were going to be hard, they’re really not. Mapcoords puts a little coordinate readout under your minimap, and tells you your cursor coordinates on the world map.

Just mouse around to find the place you’re looking for, and head there. Mapcoords is lightweight and does precisely what you need it to. #2: Auctionator. Whenever I watch a stream and see somebody using the default Auction House UI, I die a little on the inside. It hurts. You don’t have to set up a fancy addon to free yourself from auction house hell. With Auctionator, when you open up the Auction House you’ll have these beautiful little tabs at the bottom labeled Buy and Sell. If I want to buy some Highmountain Salmon, I just go the Buy Tab, search, , and it’ll show me all the salmon sorted by lowest price. I can see the stack size and stack price, with a spammable Buy One stack button. If I want to sell this Runescale Koi, I just tab to sell, drag it to the big box, and it’ll automatically suggest a price that undercuts what’s up rigth now. Set your duration, click Create Auction and you’re done. Congratulations, I just saved you half an hour per item. There is NO EXCUSE to not use this.

Finally, #1: Bartender4. If I had to pick only ONE addon to play WoW with for the rest of my days, it’s gotta be Bartender. It’s so easy to put your bars exactly where you want, and then keybind them to whatever your heart desires. Turn on Key Binding mode, mouse over the key and press the button you want. Done. You can hide the Blizzard Art bar, chance the size and rows of your bars, hide macro text and more. This is the fastest way to get clean, customized action bars tailored just the way you like them.

An honorable mention goes to TradeSkillmaster, the real MVP of all of my WoW gold. It’s a doozy to get started with, but I have a full playlist of beginner TSM guides to walk you through the whole process. Check out the link in the description below for that! So, those are my top 7 User Interface addons that I’ve been using in Legion! Stay tuned for more videos going over my raiding addons, pvp addons and quality of life addons coming soon. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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