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Welcome back to another World of Warcraft video. It’s Nexus, and I’ve yet again got some more news about the future for this beloved MMO, be it something as little the new mounts and pets that have been announced. In the Patch 6.Patch Notes, there’s been a preview of some of the upcoming pets and mounts that’ll eventually be available to us in-game, through the usual, mundane methods such as purchasing from the in-game store, purchasing the Collector’s Edition of Legion, or purchasing from a vendor with a number of “Timewarped Badges”, which can be earned from Timewalkers dungeons, and then spent in either Shattrath or Dalaran. I’m going to make this video quick, just a swift display of the new mounts and pets we’re eventually going to see, with some images and brief descriptions as well as my opinion on each individually. The first list is the mounts that we can expect to see coming World of Warcraft, starting in Patch 6.and going over into Legion. First up is the Illidari Felstalker, a mountable demon capable of flight, which is confirmed to be the Collector’s Edition mount for the new expansion, Legion, all of the information for which you can find here This Felstalker is definitely a model I find appealing, it looks nice, quite clean for a vicious beast demon, and does look indeed like something I can imagine a Demon Hunter riding.

Being of similar origins, they remind me extremely of the Fel Guard Hounds found in Hellfire Peninsula in outland, just armoured and given a nice, unique touch. I think it’s quite an interesting model, certainly going with the theme of the next expansion, so it works as a Collector’s Edition mount. For me personally, I’m rolling a Demon Hunter as soon as Legion drops, and I’ll hopefully be able to get the Collector’s Edition to obtain this wonderful looking mount, and if so, I will ride this thing everywhere the roads will allow. It looks F*cking awesome. There are two purely ground mounts introduced in Patch 6.The Grove Warden is a very aesthetically-appealing mount, one that we saw in the Legion announcement trailer in its simplest form.

You guessed it it’s a moose. Wait, I’m sure you’ve already seen that on screen, so forget I said anything… In all seriousness, though, this look pretty badass, and there’s no getting past that it’s a moose we’re riding. Like others, the Grove Warden changes depending on your Riding skill and location. This is going to be a shop mount, but perhaps we’ll see a more traditional moose, obviously a less detailed version, that could be purchased with reputation or other currency at some vendor. In the trailer, we’ve already seen it on the Broken Isles, so it would make sense. anyway. Wowhead describes these magical companions as “the wardens of peaceful, primordial groves within the Emerald Dream.” The last confirmed ground mount we will see coming is the Minion of Grumpus.

It’s a very bulky, beast-like mount obtainable from the world event the Feast of Winter Veil. “No one quite knows when the legend of Grumpus began in Draenor, but his toys are just the worst.” It appears to be a re-skinned model of the older mount, the Challenger’s War Yeti, which was added earlier this expansion in patch 6.0.2. Personally, Personally, it’s not one of my favourites, but it’s large, it’s bold, and it could work for a few of you.

Now we’re on to the other flying mounts that will be introduced in Patch 6.2.2: The Ironbound Wraithcharger is another mount that changes depending on your Riding skill and location. This mount is acquired from Timewalking, purchasing from vendor Auzin in Dalaran using Timewarped Badges, which are received after completing Timewalking dungeons. One thing to note is that the Bridle of the Ironbound Wraithcharger, which unlocks it, is actually refundable until activated. Essentially a redesigned Iron Warhorse, it is a flying steed whose “Ethereal spirit is barely contained by its iron shell. The penultimate creation of Salanar the Horseman, these powerful steeds were once thought to have all destroyed.” The other mount obtainable through Timewalking, and then purchasing with Timewarped badges from Vendor Cupri in Shattrath City, is the Eclipsed Dragonhawk, which costs 50,000, and is again refundable within 2 hours.

This Timewalking mount is a beast much more to my liking, and somehow I could actually see myself actually flying on. Their name, Eclipsed Dragonhawk, comes from where they were captured by renegade blood elves: Eclipse Point. Finally, we have the Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent, initially brought into the game in Mists of Pandaria, Patch 5.0.1, as it it matches the Pandaren theme. Warmth and serenity emanate from this great creature, which glows like the cloudless sky of a summer afternoon. The prerequisite for unlocking this mount is having the Lord of the Reins achievement – collecting over 300 mounts across the account. It’s a tall task, but one that will most likely seem worth it when you’re flying over tall task, but one that will most likely seem worth it when you’re flying over Now, it’s finally time to take a look at the pets that are being thrown into the game soon: First up is the Collector’s Edition pet for Legion: Nibbles. It obviously goes to look like a younger, less mean and less armoured version of the Illidari Felstalker, which you saw earlier as a ride-able mount.

Again, I think this pet looks very good, very demony, and fits well with what we know about Legion. Having the two together would be a nice set of items from Collector’s Edition Legion. I’m not experienced at pet battles, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but Nibbles does seem to have an okay array of abilities, all of which I’ll put on screen with the tooltips in a moment. Following on from Nibbles, and keeping with the Legion theme, we have “Murkidan”, the official Blizzcon 2015 pet, and it’s pretty badass; ; basically, it’s Illidan as a damn Murloc. I’ve seen a lot of people on Facebook, Wowhead, and other places get super hyped over Murkidan, and it’s not hard to see why.

Look at that cute little Murloc-Demon-Night-Elf-Demon-Hunter-Thing holding the Warglaives of Azzinoth like it’s nothing. Now we just need Murkfuridon as a companion too. . Murkidan has some rather interesting abilities, and works in true Illidari form: It even has eye beam, which we know Demon Hunters are having as a spell in Legion. Another Another of the pets coming from purchasing a Blizzard product is Zeradar, a pet designed as a Mini Archon, which can be obtained on your World of Warcraft account from purchasing the Collector’s Edition of the latest Starcraft 2 Expansion: Legacy of the Void. The pet fits with the theme of the Starcraft expansion, with the archon being surrounded in an aura of hazy lightning blue and white. While it’s presumably quite small, it’ll look really nice alongside your character. The abilities vary from Arcane Slash to Illusionary Barrier.

All of them will be displayed on the screen right now. The final proper pet that we know is coming so far is Brightpaw, a cute little purple feline character with what appears to be blue tattoos along its body, and a scroll on its back. “This magical kitty has so much energy that she will sometimes zip around for no reason whatsoever.” Sounds good, and the pet, while not my favourite, is a magical pet that I’m sure will, in its simplicity, appeal to a few of you.

The brightpaw could be seen as a cub version of the Mystic Runesaber mount. Of course, it has to be an in-game shop pet, so make of that what you will. In Pet Battles, it has the rather obvious “Bite” ability, but also an ability actually called “Cute Face”, which increases your chance to dodge an attack by 25% for 4 turns… Wow. There are only 4 other pets introduced, none as worthy as those above.

You have Grumpling, from the Feast of Winter Veil, and then 3 others, much duller and grim, who are from the Hallow’s End World Event: The Ghastly Rat, the Ghost Maggot, and the Spectral Spinner. You can even carry your pet on a Red Wooden Sled! If you enjoyed, and want to see more of this type of content, make sure to Subscribe, leave a like so I know that this type of content is what you all want to see, and leave a comment, so I know who all of you wonderful people are. Thanks again, and I’ll see you all soon, when I release my World of Warcraft: Legion “Zones Overview” video.

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