World of Warcraft Character Boost Tutorial

Welcome to the World of Warcraft feature preview for the brand-new Character Boost service. In this video, we’ll walk you through the entire Character Boost process and talk about what exactly you’ll get for doing so. You can start the process by purchasing a character boost from the in-game shop. You’ll find it under the “Services” category. If you’ve already purchased a character boost just click the character boost token next to the character selection window. First, you’ll need to choose which character you’d like to upgrade. You can create a brand new character if you like or choose from any of your existing characters below level 90. Step 2 is to choose a specialization for your upgraded character You can, of course, change that later, but choosing your specialization here helps us set your character up so you can get started playing quickly. Finally, if you’re upgrading a Pandaren character who hasn’t yet chosen a faction you’ll need to make that choice here as well.

Once you’ve gone through that process your character will be immediately boosted to 90 and given a full set of item level 483 starter gear– just enough to start sinking your teeth into level 90 content such as the Throne of Thunder raid instance. You’ll also be given a full set of 22-slot bags and be teleported your faction’s Shrine in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms And if the character you’re upgrading is level 60 or higher you’ll get a Veteran’s Bonus which boosts your professions to 600 as well! And don’t worry – if you’re partial to any of the gear your character is already wearing, you’ll find it waiting for you safe and sound in your mailbox after you log in. Whether you’re catching up to friends or just bringing up a new alt, the Character Boost service will get you prepared to head through the Dark Portal and take the fight to the Iron Horde.

Thanks for watching this video and we’ll see you in World of Warcraft.

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