Track your Guild Stats In WoW Legion! Set Up a Rankings and Info Sheet for your Guild

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a look at a free tool you can use to track all sorts of info about your guild. For the competitive types, this is where you see exactly how you stack up against your guildmates. This is the force that pushed me over the edge into the deep end of AP grinding. It’s one thing to look forward to your next point, and another thing entirely to see your grind ranked against your friends on a weekly and overall basis. Full credit to the creator u/emielioow on reddit and to my guildie Karumay for introducing this to me. Here’s what it does. Once you’re setup, you get this awesome Google Doc spreadsheet that shows you all sorts of useful info about your guild.

You can see your roster split into roles, and who’s missing enchants. You can see the item level of your raiders, and the single view shows you which slot they need upgrades in most. You can see how much artifact power everyone has overall, and gained in the current week. Everyone has a rank for World Quests completed, Mythic dungeons done, achievement points, mounts owned, reps at exalted, and battle pet collection. If your guild has public logs on Warcraftlogs, you can even see everyone’s average parse percentage.

The sheet auto updates itself every hour or so with the latest info. So here’s how you set it up! I’ll put the relevant links in the description underneath this video. To get started, go to the first URL and enter your Region, Realm and Guild Name to generate a key. Look through the list and make sure it has all the guild members you want to track. If any are missing, type their names into the empty slots and update. Next, you need to add a copy of the spreadsheet to your google docs. Go to the second link underneath and press Make a Copy. It’ll be empty at first. You can rename it to whatever you like at the top left here. Now, we need to add the guild key. Go to the Settings tab at the bottom, and copy-paste the key we got earlier into this field.

It’ll pull all the info from the API. You can set the Time Zone on this page also as well as look through the FAQ. Click this button at the bottom and accept the prompt to let the sheet auto-refresh itself. At this point, you’re almost done! Your sheet should be updated with your guild. It may take up to a week to fully populate with accurate info, or it might look good right away. I keep it bookmarked on my browser so I can check back to it often. If you want to share it with your guild, go to your privacy settings at the top right and make it either public or viewable with the link.

I used the link option then put the link in my guild’s Discord so everyone can see it. If you do share it, make sure you’re comfortable sharing whatever’s visible on your google account. People with the link can see your profile picture and account name! And that’s it! From this point, it runs itself. I’ve discovered that nothing makes me play WoW quite like some good friendly competition. If you like the tool please consider supporting the creator with Paypal or on Patreon through the links on the key creation webpage. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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