Top 7 Coolest New Mounts in Patch 7.2 PTR

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a countdown of the 7 coolest new mounts coming to WoW in Patch 7.2. This next major patch to Legion is finally bringing flying to the broken isles, so you’ll be able to take to the skies while you do your world quests. Let’s take a look at some of the new valiant steeds you’ll want to collect.

Before we get started and as a bit of an honorable mention, let’s talk about Class Mounts. is bringing a plethora of fantastic, class and sometimes spec-themed mounts to the game. You’ll earn your class mount by finishing a new portion of your class order hall campaign added in 7.2. Many classes can get more than one coloring of the mount, such as the Priest Owls, the Mage Discs and even elemental versions of the Shaman…thing. All of the class mounts and recolors are super cool but they aren’t numbered entries on my list because that’s just cheating. #7: The Leywoven Flying Carpet. What would an expansion be without it’s own flying carpet mount? Historically, Carpet mounts have had Tailoring Skill requirements so only talented tailors can ride them. This one is crafted and BoP, so you’d need to be a tailor to LEARN it. As of this point in the PTR, though, there’s no skill requirement so if you have a tailor alt to craft it, all of your characters can ride it.

That could definitely change but either way it’s nice to see a new entry in the carpet tradition. #6: The Allaiance and Horde Vicious War Bear. In the past vicious mounts have always been fancied-up racial mounts so it’s cool to see them branching out. The War Bear is faction-colored and has some handy drums on either side for….drumming. I’m definitely suuper biased but I swear the blue one looks better. #5: The Alliance and Horde Vicious War Turtles. If bears are too scary and violent for you, you might be interested in a ferocious War Turtle. It comes equipped with some extra spears in case you somehow manage to lose your priceless artifact weapon and need to stab somebody real quick. So there’s that. #4: The Vicious War Lion. This is an Alliance only Vicious mount, and it’s basically a heavily armored version of the Golden King guild-rep mount. The real bonus is you get to fly a faction flag instead of whatever random trash your guild threw together for a tabard. Okay, some guilds have cool tabards but I’m stuck with an angry teddy Bear so I’m kinda salty. #3: The Vicious War Scorpion. This is the Horde-only Vicious Mount, and damn if it doesn’t look good.

We’ve had Scorpion mounts before but there’s something very kor’kron about the red armor and a horde flag to top it off. Just try not to get stung in the back of the head while you’re riding to battle! All of the Vicious War mounts are traded for Vicious Saddles like the Vicious mounts on live. . You can get one saddle per character in a pvp season for doing either 100 3v3 wins or 40 RBG wins. There’s no rating requirement so you don’t actually have to be good. Unfortunately while you can trade the mount token to your alts, the mounts themselves are character specific. If you want a full set, the fastest thing to do is pvp on a couple of alts and funnel the tokens to your main.

#2: The Zeppelin Mount. Alright, so this is a datamined model and it’s not on the PTR yet. That means that we don’t konw what it’s going to be from, or even if it’ll make it into the game at all.

Having said that, I have really high hopes that this will be the next flying Engineering mount. Just look at it! How cool is this?! It matches my Darkmoon Zeppelin pet! Last, the #1 coolest new non-class mount on the PTR, the Abyss Worm! This adorable wiggle worm will drop out of the Tomb of Sargeras raid coming some time in patch 7.2. He’s got some bizarre black smoke coming off of his back half, and the teeth are just too cute.

I really, really hope that this guy flies and isn’t just another aquatic mount but it’s too early to say. So, those are the new non-class mounts coming in patch 7.2! We’re probably quite a ways out from patch day still but there’s definitely lots to look forward to. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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