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Hello guys this is Doronsmovies and today I got yet another World of Warcraft top 5. In this video I will be giving you my top 5 quest lines in world of warcraft. These are just my personal views and are from my own experience as I did a lot of quests in world of warcraft but not all of them so I might have missed out on some of the good ones. Feel free to leave your top 5 quest lines in the comment section below as I do read everything. Anyway let’s not waste any more time and let’s begin with the list.

Number 5 The Goblin Starting Zone So I’ve played both the goblin and the worgen starting quests but I personally liked the goblin ones a bit more. The only thing that kind of sucks is that it only lasts for like a couple of hours. What makes it really amazing is that they built an entire city with people in it just for the starting questline and you can do a lot of things you could do in like an actual city real world city, drive a car, get clothes, go to the bank go to the party and do all sorts of stuff. In my opinion it really felt like something new in world of warcraft and the car driving part really made it awesome, because I mean like you can drive a car around in world of warcraft and it really made everything a lot more fun. A part from that just that the story is also interesting and it explains why the goblins joined the horde and what happened in the entire thing because a lot of people were wondering about that.

Now at Blizzcon a few years back they said that they will reintroduce Kezan at some point in the future and that we will go back there, but that hasn’t really happened and blizzard promises a lot of things they don’t really fulfill, but if they actually do reintroduce Kezan I hope it will be as much fun as it was when leveling a new goblin character. Number 4 Harrison Jones Uldum quest line This questline is an obvious reference to Indiana Jones, if you couldn’t tell from the Harrison Jones thing and even though a lot of people didn’t really like it for some reason I really enjoyed this questline as it felt as sort of as an adventure and I really like history and archeology and all of that stuff. Now Harrison Jones is an archeology trainer who goes to Uldum in order to solve ancient mysteries. A lot of amazing things happen while you accompany him there, from exploring ancient pyramids and secrets to fighting human forces who are a references to the nazis from Indiana Jones. Even though archeology as the profession wasn’t that much fun, a questline about archeology proved otherwise.

Number 3 Frostfire Ridge I’ve played through both the Shadowmoon valley and the frostfire ridge and I honestly like the frostfire ridge a bit more, I don’t really know why, probably because it’s the horde zone and I play mainly horde and like orcs and their story and pretty much Frostfire Ridge is all about orcs, so that is probably one of the reasons. I’m not talking about the entire zone quest line but more of near the end of it and with the entire epic fight and the cinematic. I honestly feel like this zone introduced something new in world of warcraft and it made questing a bit more fun than just your average questing grind, where you just pick up a quest and just grind 10 mobs and all of that.

Since it’s a Warlords of Draenor quest line I guess I can also add the tanaan jungle questline to this point as it is kind related and the tanaan jungle continues into frostfire ridge. All In all I think the newly introduced quests in warlords of draenor are amazing especially in the starter zones and I honestly feel like Blizzard should continue making stuff like this because it really brings more life into world of warcraft. Number 2 Stonetalon horde questline This questline was introduced in cataclysm as stonetalon was reworked with the entire Shattering thing And I thought it was really amazing, I even did it on my character that is like 85 even though it’s like a level 30 to 40 quest zone. Of course I’m mainly refering the the horde part of the questline. I think even to this day this questline is still unique and it has a lot of fun aspects and a lot of lore aspects as well.

Most people will probably remember this quest line from the end as Garrosh appears and throws the orcish commander that was giving you quests of the cliff because he murdered innocents, which for the first time really showed that Garrosh wasn’t all about killing and murdering people, even though after that moment he did like everything as before and even worse lke throwing a mana bomb destroying an entire city and pretty much causing the entire Warlords of Draenor expansion that is happening right now.

So that gesture was only a one time thing for Garrosh. Even though that moment in the questline was kind of epic, the journey to it was fun as well as once you completed quests you got ranks and were something in the current army. You also had a few funs quests where you had to shoot down gnomish planes and fight their machines, which really makes something fun out of the entire grinding quest scene. Number 1 John J Keeshan questline I’m guessing most of you guys have played this questline and if you haven’t you definitely should as it happens in Red Ridge mountains. It’s not really a serious quest line and the entire thing is more of an inside joke, but not just any inside joke it’s a fully developed inside joke that lasts more than an hour, probably like 2-3 hours, the entire quest line. You start out by looking for John J Keeshan who is a reference to rambo, once you find him you need to help regroup his team and once you do that you are on like a mission to destroy the orcs in the zone.

You have all sorts of stuff to do, from stealth bomb placing to gathering materials to fighting dragons and driving tanks and killing like thousands of orcs. In the end John appears to have died, but that isn’t the case as the questline can be continued in Burning Stepps as he still continues to fight the Blackrock orcs. All In all a pretty fun quest line and even though it’s not really super serious it’s still a lot of fun. And that is all I have for the list. Don’t forget to leave your top 5 quest lines in world of warcraft that you thought were awesome and also why you think they were fun. Don’t forget to like, favorite and subscribe as it really helps the channel and keeps these videos going and also check out my channel as I will start streaming there seriously in a few weeks. Thanks a lot for taking your time to watch this video and see you next time!

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