Top 10 New Battle Pets in WoW Patch 7.2

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a look at 10 brand new battle pets coming to WoW in Patch 7.2. There’s no release date for the patch just yet, but whenever it does drop it’s bringing some scaly and adorable new companions into your life. #10: The Cavern Moccasin. This silver and blue cobra is a drop from the Damp Pet Supplies Bag. You can get the damp pet supplies once a week from clearing the Wailing Caverns pet battle dungeon without healing your pets. The dungeon got a bit of a difficulty bump in the latest PTR patch so that’s going to take some doing. This is the only collectible Snake pet to have the Aquatic move, Squeeze. #9: Crackers. This is part of a new set of Class-specific Order Hall pets. Like Broot, the Hateful Eye and the Nightmare Lasher, you’ll need a high level character of the right class to get these non-tradeable pets. Crackers is the Rogue Hall pet.

He shares the same moveset, model and coloring with the Junglebeak wild pet from Gorgrond, which is a little bit disappointing. #8: The Frostbrood Whelpling. This chilly little guy is being added to the DeathKnight Class Hall, along with two additional whelps. All three are on a vendor named Slimy for 10k order resources each. That’s a nice Order Resource dump, but it doesn’t do much for anybody who’s not a Death Knight. The Frostbrood Whelpling has a unique moveset with the Slippery Ice-Howling Blast combo to work with. #7: The Bloodbrood Whelpling. This is the second Death Knight whelp, and it’s got some strikingly bloody eyes. He’s got a mix of Dragonkin and Undead damage moves, with Drain Blood for healing. #6: The Vilebrood Whelpling. The third Death Knight whelp is plague-themed. He’s got Plague Breath, which is basically Breath but without the damage RNG. From the looks of the three new whelps, I’m gonna have to level me a Death Knight. #5: The Young Venomfang. This is another Wailing Caverns pet from the Damp Pet Supplies.

As far as I can remember, this is bizzarely enough the first flying snake thing that we’ve been able to get as a battle pet. Toxic Skin might come in handy against boss pets, and he’s got Beast, Flying or Undead damage to choose from. #4: The Everliving Spore. The third Wailing Caverns pet, this guy is a mini Verdan the Everliving. He’s got the Acid Rain-Dreadful Breath combo, which should just shred through Dragonkin teams. #3: Son of Skum. The final pet from the Damp Pet Supplies, this little lizard comes equipped with Lightning Shield. He’s apparently very friendly but snuggles might get you zapped. Like pikachu, with more spikes. #2: Ban-fu, Cup of Ban-Lu. This is the new Monk Order Hall pet, and I’ve gotta say it’s my favourite. Sorry, Broot. He’s a little mini version of the Monk Class Mount, and he looks SO GOOD! Setting up a combo with Moon Tears, Prowl and Spirit Claws should do some serious damage. If you’re a collector of all cat pets and you don’t have a monk yet, I’d start leveling now. Finally, #1: Scraps. This is an undead puppy ripped straight out of Helheim. His description says he drops from Curious Wyrmtongue Cache on the new Broken Shore zone.

I managed to find some Hidden Wyrmtonge Cache, but no Curious. It’s possible that the Curious Cache is a rare spawn of the hidden one, or that it spawns else-where. It could even be a reward from a pet tamer, like the new Madam Viciosa. Wherever Scraps is from, I need him. There’s something very Diablo about having a skele-dog as a buddy. And those are my top ten new pets coming in 7.2! The patch is still under development so we could definitely see more pets hit the PTR before the patch goes live.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more classes get Order Hall pets. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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