Top 10 New Battle Pets Added in Legion

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a countdown of my personal top ten strongest pets out of the new pets that were added in Legion. If you’re excited to start collecting the new Legion pets but don’t know where to start, this is for you. #10: Broot! This is a Blossoming Ancient substitute for anyone who’s not into the whole cash shop thing. Stack Sunlight and Photosynthesis with Ironbark for the classic perma healing tree experience, or mix in some Barkskin and I Am Broot to get your Guardians of the Galaxy RP on.

This is a Class Order Hall pet from the Dreamgrove and is NOT cageable, so you’ll need to have a high level Druid in order to get one. He’s not quite as fast as the Blossoming Ancient but he hits a little harder, and they have matching health pools. 9.Grumpy. While he’s a perfectly good Beast damage pet, the real reason I like Grumpy is for capturing wild pets. For years we’ve been whittling down wild pets with the Terrible Turnip’s Weakening Blow, or getting one Superbark out of the Molten Corgi and waiting around if it didn’t get them low enough. No more! With Grumpy, we now have the super amazing combo of Howl, then Superbark. That’s brings superbark up to 1080 damage with Grumpy’s stats, which cuts a lot of time out of the capturing process. Grumpy is a reward from a Val’sharah quest where you save him from a burning house in Heathrow Manor, south of Black Rook Hold. 8. The Fetid Waveling. The moveset of this guy caught my eye because he can take three different DoTs at once, all with different damage types. On top of that, he has access to the ever irritating Stench and Healing Wave.

If you could set this guy up with Call Lightning either by another pet or the enemy casting it, he’d be an absolute monster. This is a drop off the rare spawn Pollous the Fetid, found by the river in eastern Val’sharah. 7. The Thistleleaf Adventurer. I see this guy coming out in PvP. He’s humanoid, so maybe somebody thinks they’re clever and brings out an Undead pet to counter you. BAM! Hit ’em with the Scratch. On top of that, you can increase your speed, reduce damage with Barkskin, and stun people with Kick. He does share his moveset with the Dandelion Frolicker, so if you really want you can fight with an all imp team and just irritate people to death. This pet drops from the Dreamweaver Provisions, which is the chest you get for completing a Dreamweaver Emmisary set of quests. 6: The Firebat pup.

The flying type on this little bat means you’ll likely have the speed to kick them with Paralyzing Venom early, which you can follow up with your choice of Elemental or Beast damage. He also has Shriek to tone down incoming damage and a decent attack stat to work with. All in all, he’s got a well rounded moveset that should make him useful both in PvP and for everyday pet battles. He’s a reward from the Order Hall mission Friends, Not Food. 5. The Hungering Claw. On top of having a totally badass model, the thing that caught my eye about the Hungering Claw is the moveset. You can take Undead or Aquatic damage, shut downd healing with Call Darkness, blow up a Curse of Doom and reduced damage from multi hit attacks using Spiked Skin.

At max level he has 309 attack which is pretty substantial. His lowish speed stat of 244 means the speed reduction of Foreboding Curse isn’t wasted. He’s a great counter to healing-heavy Elemental type pets such as the Blossoming Ancient and Broot by taking Call Darkness and Tentacle Slap. This pet drops along with that Jellyfish mount off Kosumoth the Hungerer, which will mean doing a hidden quest chain and camping some orbs. If you’re after the Claw, I recommend looking up a Kosumoth guide to get started. 4. The Risen Saber Kitten. A close look at the moveset of this little guy reveals all sorts of combos. Screech will let you consistently get big pounces. Prowl will let you set up a hard hitting, high healing Consume. Or you can just go Consume, Rake and Devour to heal yourself while reducing their damage to outlast your enemy. The Risen Saber Kitten drops off the rare spawn Darkshade, found in the outdoor area around Blackrook Hold. 3. The Pygmy owl. Up until now, if I was looking for big Flying type damage my go to was Ikky, with that Black Claw-Flock business. However, sometimes people got shell shields and that kinda thing won’t, uh, ‘fly’.

Enter the Pygmy Owl. You start with Caw, then pop a Preen, then you have two turns to smack down the Savage Talon for some hefty Flying type damage. If they don’t have a shield up, you can use Quills instead for even more pain. The Pygmy Owl comes in Power/Speed, meaning you have a healthy 306 attack to work with while rolling this out. I’ve very excited to apply the Pygmy Owl to Aquatic fights in the future. He’s a drop from Gorebeak, a rare Elite in Val’sharah. 2. The Sunborne Val’kyr. This pet is gorgeous, and it’s got a moveset that I’m dying to try out in PvP. Restoration is a percentage based heal on a 3 round cooldown, that will always go first. Pick up Holy Justice for a stun, and then either single target with Holy Strike or cleave the whole team down with Omnislash. This should get you good mileage against any team with Dragons, particularly in PVP.

You can pick up the Sunborne Val’kyr for 500 gold once you’ve hit Revered with the Valarjar, which shouldn’t be too bad if you’re keeping up with World Quests. 1. Last, my number 1 pick for strongest of the new pets in Legion- the Enchanted Pen. Some pets are just special enough to counter a type both offensively and defensively, and this is one of them. Between his Magic type and flying damage, this pen is going to stomp all over Aquatic pets. On top of that you’ve got Foreboding Curse to pair with your Quills, Evanescence is just plain handy and Counterspell is super useful too. The Enchanted Pen can be crafted by your friendly local Enchanter with 5 Chaos Crystals, 10 Felhides, 20 Leylight Shards and 50 Arkhana. This is going to be one pricy pen for a while, but I definitely think it’s =worth adding to your collection.

As an added bonus, if you’ve ever had any classroom fantasies about assaulting someone with a pen this is your jam. So those are my top 10 picks for strongest new pets added in Legion. There’s almost certainly other options that I missed or underrated, so let me know in the comments what else would make your list. Thanks for watching, and I hope you guys have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

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