Top 10 Cutest New Battle Pets in Legion

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a countdown of my personal top ten cutest new pets that are added in Legion. This isn’t about moves, it’s not about stats, just the ten cutest little dudes and where you can get your own. #10: Zoom. Sure, he’s just a snail and we’ve seen snails before. But Zoom is a RACING snail. Look at his little flag! Zoom is a reference to the Dreamworks movie Turbo, telling the timeless story of someone trying really hard to accomplish a dream that they’re blatantly not built for. Part of Zoom’s cuteness appeal is his endless spirit and refusal to give up. You can get your own Zoom by completing the achievement, Zoom! Go to the Stonedark Grotto in Northern Highmountain, and help Zoom win his snail race by standing in front of his competition.

Zoom’s a great little snail who teaches us that you can always win! You just need friends who love you enough to help you cheat. #9: The Pygmy Owl. This is part of a set of birds in Legion that all use the lovely new Owl model. It’s got softer, more detailed feathers and a distinctly floofier head! They also have a set of horns which almost look like antlers. Pick up more colors by getting the Long-Eared Owl, Northern Hawk Owl and Fledgeling Warden Owl to complete your set. The Pygmy Owl drops off a rare, the Long Eared and Northern Hawk Owls are wild pets from Highmountain and Stormheim, while the Warden Owl can be picked up from the Wardens quartermaster at Revered reputation. #8: The Alarm-o-Bot. Alright, so I guess robots aren’t conventionally cute. He’s not fluffy, he doesn’t have feathers, and he probably sucks at cuddles. But just look at his little bug eyes! He’s got horns for hands! And no matter how slow you’re going, he’s always waddling his little feet way too fast. He’s got places to be, man! He’s gotta sound that Intruder alert. You can get your own little Alarm-o-Bot for 200 Pet Charms at the Pet Shop in Legion’s Dalaran.

7: The Corgi Pup. This is the only guy on this list that I can’t get you a closer look at, because this one won’t be available until November. He’s a Corgi just like the Molten Corgi, except this one’s coloured like an actual dog. For whatever reason, I think he’s a lot cuter with fluffy dog fur instead of the whole fiery lava thing. Like the Molten Corgi, the Corgi Pup looks like it’ll be a reward for the WoW Anniversary event.

If you just can’t wait until then to get a dog-colored Corgi, there’s still hope. Keep an eye out for the Order Hall mission ‘It’s so Fluffy’! to nab Corgnelius, a brown and white version of the Corgi pet. #6: Emmigosa. Dragon whelps have always been cute, but the update they got in Legion really made them special. She’s got better textures, bigger eyes, horns and feet. They still use the same animations we’re used to, so she feels a lot like the Azure Whelpling only a little shinier with a cuter big belly. Your old whelps haven’t changed, so if you want one with the New model you can get Emmigosa from questing in Azsuna, the Stormborne Whelpling from a rare in Stormheim, the Nightmare Whelpling drops from the Emerald Nightmare raid, and it looks like the Dream Whelpling may be from a pet battle inside the raid. #5: The Lurking Owlkitten. Owls are cute. Kittens are cute. It’s therefor a mathematical fact that the Owlkitten is double cute. It gets weird if you think about it too much though, so don’t do that.

We got some floofy paws, four feathery legs, he’s got some braids, a beak with a toothy bottorm jaw, a swishy tail, and I’m, uh, pretty sure those are antlers. The Owlkitten is from the Suramar quest, You’ve Gotta Be Kitten Me Right Meow in which you herd a bunch of cats. I hope we get some other colors of these in the future so I can flesh out my kitten army. #4: Grumpy. Now you can add a cranky old bulldog to your collection of WoW puppies! Joining the Corgis, wolves, Brew-Pups and Perky Pugs is Grumpy! He’s brownish-grey, looks pretty muscular and has some delightfully droopy jowls. Rescue him from a burning building in Bradensbrook, and he’ll be your faithful companion on all of your travels. No word on who actually owned him or if they made it out of the fire, but I guess he’s my dog now! He always has a pretty serious expression, but he is named Grumpy, after all. #3: The Gleamhoof Fawn. This is the first wild pet I saw when I got into Legion, and it made a very good first impression. Our original fawns haven’t been updated, so this new model is just for the Gleamhoof fawn and the Rescued Fawn from the Broken Isles Safari achievement.

It’s got nicer textures, a bigger head and overall more pixar-like proportions. His black eyes are a little freaky, but the wiggle-prance animation is so precious that I can get past it. If you’re having trouble starting the pet battle with wild Gleamhoof Fawns in Val’sharah, try double left-clicking them instead of rightclicking. It worked for me. We can’t have anything stopping you from getting your own baby deer to follow you around. #2: The Coastal Sandpiper. It has a super generic sounding name, but the Coastal Sandpiper is so far one of a kind. As you may know from my habit of jamming Chi-chi into every strategy I can, I have a thing for little birds. The Crane Chicks from MoP were pretty, but this new Sandpiper really nails the baby bird feeling.

I just want to feed him worms and take him for walks on the beach. He looks like he should have his own movie where he goes on wacky adventures and learns about the value of friendship. You can find the Sandpiper as a wild pet on the beaches of Azsuna and Suramar. #1: The Baby Elderhorn: I don’t even have words. He’s got little half antlers! Look at his hump! The thing that really kills me about the Baby Elderhorn is the perpetually dimwitted look he has on his face.

He looks like he’s trying real hard to be wise, but he’s about six days old and doesn’t really know what that means. One thing I do wish they’d done is give him the awkwardly long legs that real baby moose have, but the stubby look works too. Seriously though, you should google baby moose pictures sometime. They’re ridiculous. The Baby Elderhorn is available off a vendor at Thundertotem after you reach Revered with the Highmountain Tribe. Keep up with your Highmountain World Quests, and then make sure you give your little Elderhorn a good name. Mine is Spruce! I can also recommend Bruce and Zeus. So, those are in my opinion, the ten cutest new pets added in Legion. Which pets have you had out with you lately? Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

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